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Data Manipulation and Simple Relationships in Access 2010

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The ability to manipulate data, records, and relationships in Access 2010 is a valuable asset to any database administrator. Access 2010 provides you with the data manipulation and table relationship techniques necessary for reliable databases. This course demonstrates how to perform basic data manipulation tasks, how to import and export data, and how to implement and edit table relationships.

Target Audience
A broad range of business users

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Data Manipulation and Simple Relationships in Access 2010

  • modify how data is presented in datasheets
  • sort and filter records in datasheets
  • find and replace data in records
  • import data from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access database
  • export data from one Access database to another
  • recognize key characteristics of table relationships
  • create table relationships in a database
  • edit table relationships
  • sort and filter records
  • find and replace data
  • import and export data
  • create and edit table relationships in a database
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