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Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooks

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Excel has more than just charts to offer in the way of visual presentation. Nonchart-related graphic tools such as Shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, ClipArt, and Screenshots are all ways to enhance the visual impact of documents that tend to be dominated by dry numbers and text. This course focuses on these and other graphic elements that can be added to Excel 2010 spreadsheets. This course also introduces ways to change the themes and styles offered by Excel 2010.

Target Audience
Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooks

  • insert illustrations, including pictures, clip art, shapes, and SmartArt graphics, into a worksheet
  • use Excel's image editing tools to format illustrations
  • insert a screenshot into a workbook
  • add text features to a worksheet
  • use cell styles to apply consistent formatting
  • apply an Excel theme to a worksheet
  • add a picture and clip art to a worksheet
  • add a screenshot to a worksheet
  • apply a theme and a cell style
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