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Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project 2010

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Once project planning is complete, the actual project work begins. Your job as a project manager is to diligently track the progress of this work so that if schedule slippage occurs, you can make adjustments and manage the remaining work effectively. This course covers setting and maintaining project baselines, which are used to compare the planned work with actual work. This course also covers the procedure for updating project progress at the task level in order to track variance, as well as rescheduling incomplete work when an unanticipated work interruption occurs.

Target Audience
Individuals involved in managing projects who have basic computer literacy

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project 2010

  • set and maintain project baselines
  • update a project schedule with actual duration values
  • match scheduling terminology used in Project 2010 with corresponding definitions
  • interpret the results of an in-progress schedule check
  • reschedule work that is not yet started using Project 2010
  • split a task in a Project 2010 schedule
  • set and update a project baseline
  • update a project schedule
  • set a new start date for work that is not yet started
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