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Working with Diagrams in Visio 2010

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Visio 2010 provides a wide range of formatting and design options for creating vibrant diagrams using pre-drawn shapes and themes. Whether it’s an organizational chart, a floor plan or a network diagram Visio 2010 comes equipped with such tools. This course explores these features and demonstrates how to add apply and manipulate text, work with themes and backgrounds and how to design and format decorative elements of a diagram page.

Target Audience
Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Visio 2010

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Working with Diagrams in Visio 2010

  • add data fields to a shape
  • format a diagram
  • use the Organization Chart Wizard to create an organization chart based on an Excel spreadsheet
  • recognize how to modify an existing organizational chart
  • sequence the steps to create an office layout
  • specify how to modify an office space to accommodate extra employees
  • sequence the steps to create a simple network diagram using Visio 2010
  • customize the appearance of a diagram
  • use Visio 2010 to plan for new hires at a company
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