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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam - PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition-aligned | Project Management Institute (PMI)®

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Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam - PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition-aligned
Courses (31) ID / DESCRIPTION
Apj_24_a04_bs_enus apj_24_a04_bs_enus
Apj_25_a01_bs_enus apj_25_a01_bs_enus
Apj_25_a02_bs_enus apj_25_a02_bs_enus
Apj_26_a01_bs_enus apj_26_a01_bs_enus
Apj_26_a02_bs_enus apj_26_a02_bs_enus
Strategically Focused Project Management apj_17_a05_bs_enus
Plan And Define Project Scope (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a01_bs_enus
Create Work Breakdown Structure (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a02_bs_enus
Validate And Control Scope (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_18_a03_bs_enus
Define And Sequence Activities (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a01_bs_enus
Develop The Project Schedule (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a02_bs_enus
Control The Project Schedule (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_19_a03_bs_enus
Creating A Project Budget (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_20_a01_bs_enus
Keeping Your Project On Budget (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_20_a02_bs_enus
Planning Quality Management (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_21_a01_bs_enus
Manage And Control Quality (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_21_a02_bs_enus
Quality Methodologies And Standards For Project Management apj_21_a03_bs_enus
Plan And Acquire Resources (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_22_a01_bs_enus
Develop And Manage Resources (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_22_a02_bs_enus
Plan And Manage Communications (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_23_a01_bs_enus
Apj_23_a02_bs_enus apj_23_a02_bs_enus
Planning Risk Management (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_24_a01_bs_enus
Apj_24_a02_bs_enus apj_24_a02_bs_enus
Apj_24_a03_bs_enus apj_24_a03_bs_enus
Capturing, Analyzing, And Using Project Lessons Learned apj_17_a04_bs_enus
Project Management Introduction (pmbok® Sixth Edition) apj_28_a01_bs_enus
Project Fundamentals (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_28_a02_bs_enus
The Process Groups (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_28_a03_bs_enus
Project Initiation And Planning (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a01_bs_enus
Managing Project Work (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a02_bs_enus
Project Changes And Closing (pmbok® Guide Sixth Edition) apj_17_a03_bs_enus