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Aws Certified Developer - Associate

Aws Certified Developer - Associate
Courses (6) ID / DESCRIPTION
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Principles And Essential Services it_clawss_01_enus
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Application Development it_clawss_02_enus
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Plan Application And Infrastructure Security it_clawss_03_enus
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Service Integration And Orchestration it_clawss_04_enus
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Serverless Application And Container Management it_clawss_05_enus
Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Code Management And Monitoring Tools it_clawss_06_enus

Aws Certified Sysops Administrator - Associate

Aws Certified Sysops Administrator - Associate
Courses (8) ID / DESCRIPTION
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Database Services it_clawsy_07_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Application Infrastructure it_clawsy_08_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Introduction it_clawsy_01_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Preparing For Cloud Service Management it_clawsy_02_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Networking Services it_clawsy_03_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Security And Iam Services it_clawsy_04_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Compute Services it_clawsy_05_enus
Aws Certified Sysops Administrator: Storage Services it_clawsy_06_enus

Aws Solution Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services Solution Architect - Associate
Courses (17) ID / DESCRIPTION
The Aws Cloud cl_aaws_a02_it_enus
Core Aws Management cl_aaws_a03_it_enus
Efs And Ebs cl_aaws_a04_it_enus
Cloud Storage Solutions cl_aaws_a05_it_enus
Virtual Private Clouds (vpcs) And Subnets cl_aaws_a06_it_enus
Gui Vm Management cl_aaws_a07_it_enus
Command Line Vm Management cl_aaws_a08_it_enus
Caching, Performance, And High Availability cl_aaws_a09_it_enus
Ebs Snapshots, Monitoring, And Logging cl_aaws_a10_it_enus
Identity And Access Management cl_aaws_a11_it_enus
Advanced Aws Management cl_aaws_a12_it_enus
Aws Security cl_aaws_a13_it_enus
Aws Disaster Recovery cl_aaws_a14_it_enus
Aws Troubleshooting cl_aaws_a15_it_enus
Cdn, Route 53 cl_aaws_a16_it_enus
Aws Database Services cl_aaws_a17_it_enus
Cloud Tech Primer cl_aaws_a01_it_enus

Aws Solution Architect - Professional

Amazon Web Services Solution Architect – Professional
Courses (12) ID / DESCRIPTION
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Network Design it_clawsa_05_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Data Storage it_clawsa_06_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Data Replication it_clawsa_07_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Security Controls it_clawsa_08_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Data Security it_clawsa_09_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Scalability And Elasticity it_clawsa_10_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Cloud Migration it_clawsa_11_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Hybrid Architecture it_clawsa_12_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: High Availability it_clawsa_01_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Business Continuity it_clawsa_02_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Costing it_clawsa_03_enus
Aws Professional Solution Architect: Deployment Management it_clawsa_04_enus