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Linux Professional Institute (lpi)

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Linux Professional Institute: Advanced Level Linux Professional (lpic-2)

Lpi Certification Level 2: Exam 201
Courses (6) ID / DESCRIPTION
Linux User Notification And Device Management lu_lalq_a01_it_enus
E-mail And Security In Linux lu_lalq_a02_it_enus
Linux Kernel Compilation And Linux Startup lu_lalq_a03_it_enus
Linux File Sharing And Filesystem Management lu_lalq_a04_it_enus
Linux Network Configuration lu_lalq_a05_it_enus
Managing Resource Utilization In Linux lu_lalq_a06_it_enus
Lpi Certification Level 2: Exam 202
Courses (5) ID / DESCRIPTION
Linux Network Services lu_lalr_a01_it_enus
Linux System Maintenance And Hardware Configuration lu_lalr_a02_it_enus
Linux Security lu_lalr_a03_it_enus
Linux System Troubleshooting lu_lalr_a04_it_enus
Booting Linux And Installing Applications From Source lu_lalr_a05_it_enus