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Azure Fundamentals: Virtual Machines

Azure Fundamentals: Virtual Machines

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Discover how to deploy and manage Linux and Windows Azure virtual machines and how to work with cloud-hosted apps.

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Azure Fundamentals: Virtual Machines

  • describe how virtual machines are deployed and managed in the Azure cloud
  • deploy a Windows Azure VM using the GUI
  • deploy a Linux Azure VM using the GUI
  • connect to Azure virtual machines from an on-premises network
  • deploy an Azure VM using PowerShell
  • recognize the purpose of VM Scale Sets
  • implement a VM Scale Set
  • list the benefits of network load balancing
  • implement a basic network load balancer
  • configure Azure cloud hosting of applications through App Service
  • deploy a static HTML Azure hosted web app
  • describe Azure hosted cloud functions
  • use event grid for app notifications
  • match Azure virtual machine configuration options to business needs
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