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Configure Networking and Remote Connections in Windows 10

Configure Networking and Remote Connections in Windows 10

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Configure devices for IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, and DNS for network communication. Support LAN, WAN, WiFi, and WWAN networks for on-site and remote connections. In this course, we explore networking fundamentals as they are integral to Windows 10 systems. You learn how to configure devices for network communication as well as support local and remote connections. This Skillsoft learning path covers the objectives for the Microsoft exam, Building Configuring Windows Devices (beta for Windows 10) (70-697). This exam counts toward the Configuring Windows Devices Microsoft Specialist certification.

Target Audience
This course targets IT professionals who install, configure, maintain, and support Microsoft Windows 10 client desktops, devices, and users within any size organization.


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Lesson Objectives

Configure Networking and Remote Connections in Windows 10

  • start the course
  • describe the network
  • describe network packets and addresses
  • configure Ethernet adapter
  • configure WiFi
  • configure mobile broadband
  • describe IP
  • describe IPv4 addressing
  • describe how IPv4 addresses are assigned
  • compare types of IPv4 addresses
  • describe IPv6 addressing
  • describe how to compress an IPv6 address
  • describe types of IPv6 addresses
  • describe name resolution
  • describe DNS
  • describe how DNS works
  • configure name resolution
  • describe remote connections
  • configure remote desktop connections
  • describe VPN components
  • configure VPN settings
  • describe DirectAccess
  • describe DirectAccess
  • describe Workplace Join
  • implement Workplace Join
  • implement remote desktop connection settings
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