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Explore the different collaboration tools used in a DevOps environment.


Building the Environment

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Installing Team Foundation Server

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Building the Environment
Explore the Team Foundation Server (TFS) prerequisites, how to install and configure TFS, and examine advanced server configuration.
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Java Development with Eclipse
Team Foundation Server (TFS) works well with Java and Eclipse. discover how to configure Eclipse and Team Foundation Server to work together.
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.NET Development with Visual Studio
Visual Studio is used to create Microsoft applications. Discover how to get Visual Studio to work with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and how to setup and configure TFS as a source control system for Visual Studio code.
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Continuous Integration & Deployment
Team Foundation Server (TFS) can be paired with other DevOps tools. Discover how to continuously integrate and deploy code with Eclipse, Visual Studio, TFS, and Jenkins.
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Administration & Configuration
Team Foundation Server (TFS) can be extended with server administration.Discover how to configure TFS, and how to use TFS utilities.
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Installing Team Foundation Server
Microsoft Team Foundation Server is an enterprise system that covers all aspects of Application Lifecycle Management. Learn how to plan for and install Team Foundation Server 2013 in an enterprise software development environment.
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Configuring Team Foundation Server
Team Foundation Server can be used for source code, project, requirements, lab, and release management, as well as for testing, reporting, and automated builds. Learn to configure TFS 2013 in an enterprise software development environment.
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Managing Collections & Health
Learn the essentials of working with Team Foundation Server, including creating team project collections, moving collections, working with Performance Monitor and log files, monitoring warehouse adapters, and cleaning up stale warehouses.
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Managing Security & Reporting
Explore the use of Team Foundation Server in an enterprise environment, including managing roles and permissions, creating and managing teams, configuring security, customizing team project portals, and rebuilding the data warehouse.
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Managing Team Builds
Explore team builds, symbol and source services, build numbers and log verbosity, definition properties, triggers, drop locations, workflows, and retention policies when working with Team Foundation Server.
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Managing Templates & Settings
Increase your knowledge of Team Foundation Server by learning about process templates, errors, functional areas, and iterations. In addition, explore user management with default security groups, portal settings, and project-level alerts.
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Managing Work Items
Delve into Team Foundation Server and learn about configuring the command prompt, work item field definitions, form layout and workflows, link types, categories, global lists, and querying with Team Explorer
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Managing Connectivity & Workspaces
Learn about connecting clients in Team Foundation Server 2013, including Team Explorer, Excel, Project, and Proxy Server connectivity. In addition, explore modifying and deleting workspaces, specifying visibility, and deleting a shelveset.
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Managing Versions, Recovery, & Labs
Explore how to configure and manage version control in an enterprise software development environment with Team Foundation Server, including check-in policies, disaster recovery plans, backup and recovery, and snapshots.
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Professional Team Foundation Server 2013
Authored by MVP Microsoft insiders to guide you step-by-step through all things Team Foundation Server (TFS), as well as help prepare you for the TFS Certification Exam, this book covers the latest updates for Agile Project Management, Test-Case Management, Release Management, the newly announced Visual Studio Online services, and shows new users the TFS workflow for managing and delivering products.
book Duration 13h 32m book Authors By Damian Brady, Ed Blankenship, Grant Holliday, Martin Woodward, Steven St. Jean


Agile Project Management Using Team Foundation Server 2015
Demonstrating agile concepts and how to implement them using Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), this book also shows how an agile product owner can work with TFS/VSTS to setup an agile project from scratch, and how to continue using it throughout the whole project to track progress, create and refine backlog, and work with Kanban and Scrum Task boards.
book Duration 3h 4m book Authors By Joachim Rossberg


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