Cross-Cultural Communication

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Cross-cultural communication takes more than manners. Gain insights into more factors, including how others perceive the world around them.


How Culture Impacts Communication

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    How Culture Impacts Communication
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    Achieving a Cross-Cultural Mindset
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How Culture Impacts Communication
With so much business now happening on a global scale, cross-cultural communication is more important than ever before. Communication is always a challenge, and when diverse cultures interact, good communication can be even more challenging. To become a more efficient and effective communicator, you must acknowledge and respect cultural differences. In this course, you'll learn about the importance of taking culture and diversity into account in the workplace. You'll explore aspects of cultures that affect how people communicate across cultural boundaries. You'll also learn different considerations for speaking and writing across cultures.
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Using Communication Strategies to Bridge Cultural Divides
It takes time to build working relationships with people from other cultures, but it only takes a second to alienate them by inappropriately crossing cultural boundaries. That's why building relationships across cultures is so important in the current global business context, where you have to share objectives and working space with people with diverse cultural backgrounds. In this course, you will learn about dealing effectively with cultural diversity to improve cross-cultural communication and build rapport. You'll also learn about the misunderstandings and behaviors related to a culture that can hinder good communication and ways to overcome them. Finally, you'll learn strategies for giving effective presentations to people from low- and high-context cultures.
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Diversity in Coaching: Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age, 2nd edition
Authored by an international team of 21 coaching professionals from 10 countries, this book provides guidance on understanding diversity and on adapting coaching styles and techniques to meet individual needs, local demands and cultural preferences.
Book Duration 6h 2m Book Authors By Jonathan Passmore (ed)


Fish Can't See Water: How National Culture Can Make or Break Your Corporate Strategy
Using extensive case studies of successful global corporations, this book offers managers and leaders eight recommendations for recognizing those cultural factors that negatively impact performance, as well as those that can be harnessed to encourage superior performance.
Book Duration 5h 5m Book Authors By Kai Hammerich, Richard D. Lewis


Bridging the Culture Gap: A Practical Guide to International Business Communication, 2nd Edition
Packed with fascinating cases, cultural awareness scales, communication style tests and practical tips, this lively guide will help anyone - of any nationality - to become a better communicator.
Book Duration 3h 47m Book Authors By Chris Fox, Penny Carté


Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Paradigms, Principles, & Practices, Second Edition
Providing a comprehensive overview of the field from a constructivist perspective, this book attempts to reconcile the basic principles of intercultural communication with the rapidly evolving conditions in multicultural societies.
Book Duration 5h 4m Book Authors By Milton J. Bennett


Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys To Successful Cross-Cultural Communication
Offering quick, accessible examples and clear guidelines about how to create an understanding between cultures, this book teaches you to be proactive - not reactive - in your cross-cultural communications, and shows how to use simple rapport tools to create trust.
Book Duration 3h 32m Book Authors By Gayle Cotton


Cultural Intelligence: Surviving and Thriving in the Global Village, Third Edition
Presenting a universal set of techniques and people skills that will allow you to adapt quickly to, and thrive in, any cultural environment, this book will show you how to discard your own culturally based assumptions and pay careful attention to cues in cross-cultural situations.
Book Duration 3h 7m Book Authors By David C. Thomas, Kerr Inkson


Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership in Modern Organizations
Providing essential practical tools and critical guidelines, this publication provides an interdisciplinary analysis of how organizations can responsibly embrace complex problem-solving and creative decision making.
Book Duration 10h 56m Book Authors By Anthony H. Normore (eds), Nancy D. Erbe


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