Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) : Developer: 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals

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Discover fundamental knowledge of software development as you prepare for the MTA: Developer certification.


Programming Structure, Methods, & Variables

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    The Structure of a C# Program
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    How to Create a C# Program
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Programming Structure, Methods, & Variables
Many of the basic components used when programming are common to most modern programming languages. Explore some common programming aspects, such as methods, namespaces, variables, data types, arrays, and operators.
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Programming Strings & Data Structures
Learning programming fundamentals is vital to the software development process. Discover these fundamentals, including strings and substrings, lists, arrays, queues, stacks, linked lists, and data structures.
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Flowcharts, Tables, & Conditional Statements
Program flow and execution are often dependent upon having to make decisions at runtime. Learn how to use the common decision structures available in most programming languages, including If and Switch statements, and For and While loops.
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Recursion, Exceptions, Randomization, & Sorting
Learn how to work with programming techniques such as recursion, exception handling, number randomization, and sorting algorithms. In addition, explore how alerts and events are used in Windows Forms applications.
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Windows and Web Applications
Explore Windows Forms applications, including creating tabbed pages, opening and saving files, and creating dropdown menus and toolbars. In addition, learn how to create a Web browser client and a Windows application.
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Windows Forms Applications
Learning to create applications is vital to your success as a developer or programmer. Explore Web development and ASP.NET, including cascading style sheets, inline styles, web services, and the basics of SOAP and WSDL.
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Structures of Object-oriented Programming
To understand most modern programming languages, you need to understand objects. Learn the about object-oriented programming, including encapsulation, inheritance, classes, casting between types, and interfaces.
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JavaScript Rules, Functions, & HTML Elements
Learn the JavaScript fundamentals needed for creating web applications, including the basic rules of JavaScript, JavaScript functions, and referencing and modifying HTML elements.
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Windows Store Applications
Creating applications for multiple types of devices is now commonplace. Learn about console-based applications, Windows Services, Windows Store apps and how to create them, interface design, and gestures.
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Databases, Rules, & Procedures
Most applications today require access to a datastore for saving, modifying, and retrieving data. Learn about available databases, RDBM systems, entity relationship diagrams, normalization, structured query language, and stored procedures.
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