SAS® Certified Base Programmer: A00-211: SAS® Base Programming for SAS®9

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Discover concepts of programming and data management using SAS®9 as you prepare for the SAS® Certified Base Programmer certification.


The SAS Environment

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    SAS Overview
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    SAS Environments
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The SAS Environment
There is a variety of SAS environments available to you as a SAS programmer, and the one you use will depend on the underlying SAS system. Explore SAS and the various systems, including the SAS Studio web interface.
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Introduction to Data Sets
Understanding the structure of SAS data sets and their uses is key to grasping the power of Base SAS. Explore the basics of data sets, including data libraries, SAS data, and common functions.
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Creating & Reading Data Sets
Before SAS software can process data, such as data saved in an Excel worksheet, it must be in the form of a SAS data set. Discover how to create data sets from various sources.
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Data Errors & Validation
If data values do not correlate to SAS statements, data errors will be detected during program execution. Explore data errors and the process of validating and cleaning data.
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Data Manipulation
Depending on the situation, you may need to manipulate a SAS data set to generate the desired analytical report. Explore the manipulation of data sets, including merging and combining sets.
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Creating Reports
Creating reports, visualizations, and charts from your data adds immediate impact, and lets your audience glean information quickly and effectively. Discover how to create impactful reports in SAS.
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Creating Summary Reports & Charts
Make your reports more effective by adding visualizations and charts! Here we show you how to include graphics, tables, and charts when creating reports in SAS.
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Inputs & Outputs
Effectively getting data into and out of SAS is key for a SAS programmer, and data will come in a variety of formats. Explore inputs and outputs from the SAS system.
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Data Manipulation & Debugging
An impressive feature of SAS is the assortment of functions that deal with character and numeric data. Explore various functions for data transformation, and some methods for debugging your programs.
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Working with DO Loops & Proc SQL
Loops are the key to some of the more powerful features of SAS programming. Discover how to work with DO loops and Proc SQL.
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Working with Arrays & Restructuring and Merging Data Sets
Merging data is a fundamental function of data manipution. Combining loops and arrays simplifies processing of repetitive data with minimal coding. Explore arrays and techniques for restructuring and combining data, including match merges.
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