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New York State introduced legislation aimed at combating sexual harassment in the workplace. Is your training compliant with these new requirements?

Comply with New York State anti-harassment training requirements

Who is protected?

All employees and non-employees such as independent contractors, subcontractors, vendors, consultants, temporary workers or any other individuals providing services in the workplace. This also applies to individuals employed by other companies contracted to provide services such as equipment repair technicians or cleaning services.

What are the employer’s training responsibilities?

The 2019 New York State Budget Bill updated the state’s sexual harassment laws, and requires all employers to:

  • Adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy
  • Establish a complaint form for employees to report incidents of sexual harassment
  • Provide managers and employees sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis starting October 9, 2018.

How can Skillsoft Compliance Solutions help?

With a full suite of anti-harassment training courses, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions helps organizations educate their employees to understand, prevent, and respond to the various forms of harassment prohibited by the law.

New York State Compliance Training Courses:

Courses can be customized to fit additional organizational requirements and are available in Latin American Spanish.

NOTE: Skillsoft is currently developing an all-new solution for New York State that will address the recently-enacted Senate Bill S6577. More information will be available soon.

Additional anti-harassment training courses are also available to cover global, locations such as Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand, as well as US federal law and other US states including California, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine. We are actively monitoring changes to regional regulations, and currently developing an Illinois specific course to meet the new training mandate.

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