The Compliance Health Check

A comprehensive look into the effectiveness of your compliance program

Take the health check today

Building a compliance program takes considerable planning and effort, yet many companies tell us they are challenged with knowing how well they’ve done on their implementation. Skillsoft and our partner— global regulatory, risk, and compliance advisory firm StoneTurn— set out to change that.

Introducing the Compliance Health Check, an assessment tool that helps you understand the current state of your compliance program across five best practice areas:

Risk Awareness

Response and Enhancements

Policies and Procedures

Governance and Structure

Training, Education, and Communication

When you take the Compliance Health Check, you’ll respond to a series of 21 multiple-choice questions that will take approximately 20 minutes.

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive a health check score and a comprehensive diagnostic report with recommendations to improve your compliance program. Based on your specific responses, this personalized report can act as a north star for aligning your team around areas of focus and goals for your compliance program.

Built by experts across Skillsoft and StoneTurn, this helpful tool is offered as a free service to help companies understand the state of your compliance program. And, once you receive your report, the experts at Skillsoft and StoneTurn are available to discuss your results and answer any questions you may have.