Leadership Training for Women

Skillsoft’s Women in Action leadership program is designed to advance women into leadership roles.

A high-impact women’s leadership program that prepares women in all stages of their careers and aligns to the most relevant competencies.

Build a more well-rounded, more competitive workforce. The Skillsoft Women in Action program addresses the diverse workplace challenges faced by all levels of women leaders, helps them overcome gender biases and build their leadership brands with formal and informal eLearning resources that support self-paced learning.

The Women in Action Leadership Program is a collection of high-impact training resources that are designed for women leaders and aspiring women leaders. These learning tools were formulated to address the needs of three distinct women leader populations:

  • Senior leaders
  • Mid-level leaders
  • Emerging leaders

Using unique learning templates prepared by Skillsoft’s subject matter experts, Women in Action learners are prompted to invest just one hour each month in their own development. A series of short videos, book summaries, activities and reflective thinking exercises provide focused learning in specific competency areas.

Learning resources are delivered on a template that can be distributed via email or calendar invite, or hosted on a server for access by busy leaders.

Women in Leadership

Listen to Heide Abelli, VP Leadership and Business Skills, Skillsoft, explain how women’s leadership training should support leaders at all levels.

Why We Need Women in the Workplace

Hear Liz O’Donnell’s take on what women contribute to the workplace, including gender diversity, impact on GDP growth rates and what happens to the bottom line of companies where women have positions at the top.

Break Your Own Rules: Changing the Thought Patterns that Block Women’s Paths to Power

Mary Davis Holt offers a plan to break the cycle that has held women back from the highest levels of leadership.