Accessing & Managing Files in macOS Sierra

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Good file management is important to keeping your documents organized. Explore methods for managing your files and documents on macOS Sierra, and discover how to protect and back up documents and your Mac.


  • view files with Quick Look on macOS Sierra
    open recent items on macOS Sierra
    delete and restore multiple documents on macOS Sierra
    rename an item on macOS Sierra
    move an item on macOS Sierra
    copy a document, files, and folders on macOS Sierra
    use stacks in macOS Sierra
    organize your documents on macOS Sierra
    sort your documents on macOS Sierra
  • automatically organize your documents on macOS Sierra
    create file aliases on macOS Sierra
    compress and unzip files on macOS Sierra
    recover saved files on macOS Sierra
    restore older file version on macOS Sierra
    protect your file changes on macOS Sierra
    protect a document on macOS Sierra
    use an external storage device on macOS Sierra
    back up your Mac with Time Machine


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    1.  Viewing files with Quick Look in macOS Sierra
    2m 52s
    Quick Look is useful for viewing files in a preview mode without opening the file. See how to access and use Quick Look with different file types on macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Opening recent items in macOS Sierra
    3m 49s
    In macOS Sierra you can access and open items, such as application and documents, that you've recently used. You can also modify the number of items displayed by accessing the preferences menu. See how to view, open… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Deleting documents in macOS Sierra
    3m 59s
    Over time you'll accumulate multiple documents on macOS Sierra. If you would like to remove documents, you have many ways of performing this action. See how to delete single or multiple documents as well as how to… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Renaming an item in macOS Sierra
    2m 53s
    It's useful to know how to rename your documents and folders to keep your workspace organized. See the different ways you can rename items within macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Moving an item in macOS Sierra
    To keep your files organized you will need to know how to move items into different locations. See how to move multiple files as well as relocate files in macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Copying a document in macOS Sierra
    3m 1s
    If you want to make changes to a file without modifying the original, you can make a copy. See how to copy files and folders on macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using Stacks in macOS Sierra
    3m 29s
    Stacks in macOS Sierra can help you quickly access your files from your Dock. See how to create Stacks, customize their display as well as create useful shortcuts for accessing all your apps. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Organizing your documents in macOS Sierra
    3m 4s
    To keep you files organized and easy to find you can create folders. see how to create new folders and manage multiple folders on macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Sorting your documents in macOS Sierra
    3m 20s
    No matter how your files are displayed in your Finder on macOS Sierra you can easily modify the sort order. See how to change you display mode and arrange your files to display in an order that's easy to understand. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Automatically organizing documents in macOS Sierra
    4m 42s
    Smart Folder's in macOS Sierra enables you to automatically organize your files. See how to create a Smart Folder, define the criteria and save documents automatically. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating file aliases in macOS Sierra
    3m 40s
    If you would like to quickly access a document or file from your desktop you can create an alias. See how to create aliases for documents and folders on macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Compressing & unzipping files in macOS Sierra
    3m 44s
    If you have a large number of files or media you would like to send or archive, you can compress the file. With macOS Sierra you can quickly compress files and unzip your archived files. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Recovering saved files in macOS Sierra
    3m 5s
    Time Machine allows you to recover and restore files that have been removed or modified. With macOS Sierra you can use Time Machine to view and restore files from a specific time period whether it's a few hours or… FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Restoring older file versions in macOS Sierra
    3m 33s
    The save function in macOS Sierra enables you to save and recover older version. Each time you edit a file the previous version is saved automatically. See how to revert to a previous file version of an existing document. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Protecting your file changes in macOS Sierra
    2m 43s
    When you make changes or modifications to a file you can undo and redo the changes to restore your document. See how to restore your files, save your files as well as duplicate a file in order to create backups on macOS… FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Protecting a document in macOS Sierra
    3m 35s
    To avoid deleting or making accidental modifications you can protect your file or folder by locking it. See how to lock and unlock files or folders to protect your information in macOS Sierra. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Using an external storage device in macOS Sierra
    4m 34s
    Moving and storing files on an external storage device such as a USB flash drive will enable you to quickly store and share files. With macOS Sierra you can easily move files to you device and from you device to your Mac. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    18.  Backing up your Mac in macOS Sierra
    Time Machine enables you to backup your Mac onto a server or external hard drive. You can customize your backup settings to exclude files as well as encrypt your information. See how to activate and use Time Machine with… FREE ACCESS


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