Adding Data to Diagrams in Visio 2013 for Windows

Visio 2013 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
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In many cases, you'll want to associate data to your Visio diagrams. Explore different ways to add information to your shapes, and discover how to import data as either an object or a link.


  • use Shape Data in Visio 2013
    add information to the shapes in your diagram
  • import Shape Data into your Visio chart
    insert an object into Visio 2013 documents


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    1.  Using Shape Data in Visio 2013 for Windows
    6m 7s
    If you'd like to associate information with your shapes without adding too much text to your diagram, you can use shape data. Together we'll see how to modify shape data for a stencil shape, as well as how to… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Adding information to the shapes in your diagram in Visio 2013 for Windows
    5m 18s
    If you'd like to include additional information in your diagram, you can create tips that pop up when you hover with your mouse. You can also add bubbles of text, callouts, that elucidate the shapes. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Importing Shape Data in Visio 2013 for Windows
    7m 28s
    You can import data from a different file into your Visio chart. To do this, you'll have to link the data to the shapes in your diagram. We'll see how to select the information you'd like to include, and once… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting an object in Visio 2013 for Windows
    4m 57s
    You can insert a file directly into your Visio 2013 document, and any changes you make to that file will be automatically updated. We'll see how to insert your object as a link or as an image. FREE ACCESS


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