Adding Data to Presentations in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
  • 7 videos | 31m 10s
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If you would like to present data in a table or from another file, PowerPoint 2019 gives you multiple possibilities. In this 7-video course, learners will observe how to add tables to store and organize data, insert files, and create and modify equations. Key concepts covered in this course include how to insert a table to display data in a presentation, which can add structure to your data; how to use the alignment tools to format your table for better display or edit tables by inserting, resizing, and removing table elements; and how to insert a preset equation to display calculations in a presentation and to edit your equations by adding special characters. You will learn how to create a custom equation within a presentation by using the Ink Equation tool to write your own equations; how to import charts and tables from Excel; and how to insert an existing file or newly created file of other formats into your presentation.


  • insert a table to display data in a presentation
    modify the table layout
    format the table design
    insert a preset equation
  • create a custom equation within a presentation
    insert Excel data into a presentation
    create a new file or insert an existing file into a presentation


  • 3m 30s
    Inserting a table into your PowerPoint presentation can help you add structure to your data. This can ensure that what you are trying to demonstrate with this data is clear and well-presented.  FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 58s
    Once you've created a table, you can make changes to it. See how to format your table by using the alignment tools and how to adjust the overall layout by adding and removing columns and rows. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Formatting your table in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows
    5m 4s
    Once you've inserted your table, you can begin to change its appearance. In PowerPoint, you can change your cell background colors, and add and modify your table's borders. You can also change the style of your tables to make the data you add easier to understand. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting a preset equation in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows
    4m 12s
    PowerPoint offers tools that features a variety of different options aimed at simplifying the creation of equations. You can then edit your equations by adding special characters or more complex strucutres. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating your own equation in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows
    4m 20s
    In PowerPoint, you can quickly create your own mathematical equations to include in your presentation.  Using the Ink equation tool lets your write equations that PowerPoint will transcribe so that it displays as standard text.  FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Importing an item from Excel in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows
    5m 8s
    If you have already created a chart or table using a spreadsheet program, you can quickly transfer that data into your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have finished importing these items into your document, you can modify them as you see fit, and even tell PowerPoint to keep the imported item synchronized with the original spreadsheet file. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting a file in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows
    3m 59s
    In PowerPoint, you can insert a file, such as a Word document or a spreadsheet. Allowing you to embed the contents of another file into your presentation. You can also change how this embedded file appears on your slide. FREE ACCESS


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