Applications of Quantum Information

  • 7 videos | 43m 31s
  • Includes Assessment
While having a understanding of what quantum computing is, the next step is to understand what quantum computing can do. This course will investigate what quantum computers can do in the tech industry. This course will explore the advantages of quantum computing and help you understand the limits of traditional computing and why we need quantum computing.


  • Understand what quantum computers could provide in the future
    Explain the quantum algorithms presented
    Understand what advantage quantum processes have
    Understand what quantum communication could provide in the future
  • Explain what quantum communication is
    Explain the computational complexity of classical computing
    Understand what complexity theory is


  • 3m 52s
    Thus far, you've learned how a quantum computer differs from a classical computer, and you have seen examples of the tremendous potential of quantum computing. Now it's time to start learning the promise of quantum computers. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 22s
    Now that you understand the promise of quantum computing, there are algorithms that are needed to fully take advantage of the subject. See the algorithms that are known today and how there are several different approaches to the development of new algorithms FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Quantum Advantage
    5m 12s
    After learning what algorithms can be implemented on a computer you need to understand how this is an advantage. Compare how these algorithms work on classical computers vs. quantum computers. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  The Promise Of Quantum Computing
    3m 24s
    Quantum communication is qualitatively different than classical communication. In this video, you will learn about the promise of quantum communication and how to realize this potential by looking at what criteria must be met to realize quantum advantage. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Understanding Quantum Communication
    4m 50s
    The potential for quantum advantage with quantum communication can be understood in the context of the number of participating parties, from two-user communication to multi-user distributed applications. In this section, you will learn about several such examples that illustrate the promise of quantum communication. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Limits of Classical Computing
    13m 28s
    We have talked about how some problems are much harder to compute on a classical computer. Now learn how computational complexity is defined and how problems are defined. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Topics on Complexity Theory
    6m 25s
    A deep dive on what complexity theory is in relation to quantum computing. FREE ACCESS