Building your App

Google App Maker    |    Intermediate
  • 11 Videos | 51m 13s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
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Google App Maker pages are what users will see when they use your app. Each page has a canvas for you to customize; you can navigate between pages and add various widgets to build your apps. In this 11-video course, leaners will discover tools needed to add and configure different types of pages of an app; explore widgets; and observe how to use CSS code to customize widgets to suit an app's style and purpose. Begin by learning how to create page fragments and popup pages, then how to add content to a page by adding input and display widgets. Discover how to add multimedia and image files to an app; configure widgets by changing the visual theme, style variant, and size of widgets, and customize widgets by using CSS syntax. Create and use page fragments as popup dialogs; edit page fragment options; and select and organize widgets in a page. Configure buttons for navigating between pages; lock and hide widgets and configure page settings, and finally, discover how to rename, duplicate, and delete pages.


  • create new pages, page fragments and popup pages
    add input and display widgets
    add images and image files to an app
    change the visual theme, style variant and size of your widgets
    add CSS syntax to customize widgets
    create and use page fragments as popup dialogs
  • edit page fragment options
    select and organize widgets in a page
    configure buttons for navigating between pages
    lock and hide widget and configure page settings
    rename, duplicate and delete pages



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