Calendar Tools in OWA iPad

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Learn how to work with the calendar in OWA. Discover how to use the calendar to create and work with events, organize meetings, share your calendar with others, and adjust your calendar settings.


  • Use the calendar in owa for ipad
    Create events in owa for ipad
    Organize meetings in owa for ipad
  • Publish a calendar in owa for ipad
    Customize calendar settings in owa for ipad


  • 6m 22s
    You can store details about events, meetings and appointments in OWA for iPad's calendar section. You can look up individual dates, get an overall view of the upcoming week or month, and view your scheduled events. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 19s
    Once you know how to navigate within the OWA for iPad calendar, you can start adding events. You can create an event title and include detailed event information such as the location, date and time. You can even set up a reminder to make sure that you don't forget about the event. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Organizing a meeting in OWA iPad
    7m 46s
    You can quickly schedule and organize meetings in OWA for iPad. You can choose a meeting date, time and location and then immediately send out email invitations to your intended participants. You can always edit or delete any events that you have created. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Publishing a calendar in OWA iPad
    4m 26s
    Publishing your OWA for iPad calendar is a useful way of letting others know about your availability and scheduled events based on a calendar theme. When sharing your calendar, you can define what level of detail will appear for each person or group added. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Customizing your calendar settings in OWA iPad
    4m 55s
    In OWA for iPad, you can customize your default calendar settings. For example, you can define the length of your work day, adjust the days included in your work week, and even modify the time zone and default reminder settings. FREE ACCESS


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