Coaching, Feedback, and Making Choices

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  • Includes Assessment
Coaching isn't always easy, but it can be extremely rewarding and there are coaching principles that you can adopt to ensure more effective employee engagement. Providing and receiving effective feedback is challenging, too, but there are keys to effective feedback. You can put it all together by reflecting on your leadership style and focusing your choices to produce meaningful results. This course will cover the key aspects of coaching, including the five principles of coaching, the factors in effective employee engagement, and how to prepare to initiate conversations. You'll then learn how to provide effective feedback and how to conduct difficult conversations. Finally, you'll explore the importance of reflecting on your leadership style, creating a personal development plan, and focusing your choices. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • define the five principles of coaching
    describe the primary factors in effective employee engagement
    describe the coaching mindset that's needed when approaching coaching employees.
    discuss the first step in coaching, identify the opportunity for coaching
    describe how to prepare to initiate a conversation using the Kim and Tony scenario
    discuss how preparing to initiate a conversation benefits both Sabine and Ray
    describe the second step in coaching, initiate the conversation
    define the third step in coaching, explore the situation
    describe the fourth step in coaching, determine the actions
    discuss the fifth step in coaching, support the achievement
    describe how to apply the coach approach by reviewing the Diane and Sonja case study
    describe how to apply the coach approach by reviewing the Briand and Francis case study
    describe how to apply the coach approach by having a conversation using the Brian and Francis case study
    describe how to apply the coach approach by reviewing the Kim and Tony case study
    describe how to demonstrate reinforcement in a coaching situation by reviewing the Kim and Tony case study
  • describe how to increase progression, ability, and motivation by reviewing the Sabine and Ray case study
    describe the importance and benefits of providing feedback
    discuss how the active leadership model can be helpful in determining how to provide feedback to employees
    identify keys to providing effective feedback
    define the four-step feedback loop
    describe the guided self-discovery technique and how it can be used to provide powerful feedback
    discuss various principles of rewards and recognition
    describe how to be aware of unwanted behavior that may be unintentionally reinforced or rewarded
    discuss guidelines for conducting difficult conversations
    describe the performance gap worksheet and how it can be used to obtain a clear picture of what's happening with employees
    discuss a scenario where you have to choose whether to provide feedback or open a coaching dialogue
    describe progressive discipline as an opportunity for employee improvement
    discuss the importance of reflecting on your leadership and its impact on others
    discuss the importance of focusing by reviewing what you can potentially do and selecting actions to produce meaningful results


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  • 1m 51s
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    3.  The Coaching Mindset
    2m 27s
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    4.  Identifying the Coaching Opportunity
    1m 21s
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    5.  Preparing to Initiate the Conversation: Kim and Tony
    2m 17s
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    6.  The Benefits of Preparation: Sabine and Ray
    3m 4s
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    7.  Initiating the Conversation
    1m 54s
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    8.  Exploring the Situation
    2m 58s
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    9.  Determining the Actions
    1m 51s
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    10.  Supporting the Achievement
    1m 27s
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    11.  Applying the Coach Approach: Diane and Sonja
    5m 17s
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    12.  Applying the Coach Approach: Brian and Francis
    2m 19s
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    13.  Having a Coaching Conversation: Brian and Francis
    3m 11s
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    14.  Applying the Coach Approach: Kim and Tony
    1m 44s
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    15.  Providing Reinforcement: Kim and Tony
    2m 44s
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    16.  Increasing Progression: Sabine and Ray
    3m 23s
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    17.  Providing Feedback
    1m 39s
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    18.  Active Leadership and Providing Feedback
    5m 19s
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    19.  Keys to Effective Feedback
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    20.  Four-Step Feedback Loop
    2m 48s
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    21.  Guided Self-Discovery and Feedback
    1m 28s
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    22.  The Principles of Rewards and Recognition
    2m 47s
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    23.  Reinforcing Unwanted Behavior
    1m 18s
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    24.  Conducting Difficult Conversations
    2m 31s
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    25.  The Performance Gap Worksheet
    5m 50s
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    26.  Coach or Provide Feedback?
    4m 4s
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    27.  Progressive Discipline
    1m 17s
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    28.  Reflecting on Leadership
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    29.  Focusing Your Choices
    1m 6s