Configuring Devices in Android 8.0

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Your Android 8 device is highly customizable, so you can configure it how you want. During this course, you will learn how to manage your Wi-Fi internet connection and data usage, and use the free up space feature. Then explore how to modify user account setting options to accommodate each user's individual needs; improve accessibility; enable screen reader, and customize text appearance. Discover how to manage your application permissions to ensure that your apps have their essential information access, and maintain data security. Learn how to use the screen lock, manage your passwords and lock mode options; manage and customize your application notifications, modify the sound or make them silent. Finally, the course teaches you how to enable the do not disturb feature, manage battery usage and turn on the Battery Saver.


  • modify the connection settings on your Android device
    modify your Android device's functionality settings
    modify the user settings on your Android device
    manage the application permissions on your tablet
  • personalize the screen lock on your tablet
    use notifications on your Android device
    configure the notification settings on your Android device
    manage your Android device's battery


  • 5m 8s
    To be able to use different applications you may find it necessary to connect your Android 8 device to the internet. In this video, you will see how to connect a wi-fi network, manage the connection and data usage for your device. You can also turn on the airplane mode if you need to quickly turn off the internet connection, and mobile data for your device. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 30s
    Modifying the accessibility settings for your Android 8 device can improve the way you use your device, for example, you can turn on the screen reader and modify the way text is displayed. It is also important to check the storage being used on your device and use the 'Free up space' feature to easily create space on your device. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Modifying the user settings in Android 8.0
    5m 15s
    Having created a user account for your Android 8 device you can modify and personalize its settings to suit the way you use your tablet. However, modifying one account's settings will not change the settings for another user account if you're sharing your device. You can, therefore, change the language for each user account created. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing the application permissions in Android 8.0
    6m 7s
    The different applications installed on your tablet will need access to different data to work properly. In this video, you will see how to manage the authorization settings and make sure your information and data is protected at all times. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Personalizing the screen lock in Android 8.0
    5m 44s
    Your tablet contains personal information that is important to protect such as bank card details, your home address and other contact information. In this video, you will see how to add a password to your device and manage the other lock mode options. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using notifications in Android 8.0
    4m 9s
    You may receive notifications from the applications installed on your Android 8 device. You can quickly access notifications from your home screen by opening the Quick Settings menu to open the notifications center. From here you can easily manage each notification or you can open the notifications settings to manage notifications for all applications on your device. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Configuring the notification settings in Android 8.0
    6m 16s
    When you receive notifications from different applications you may hear a sound as you receive the notification if you want to modify the sound or not hear it at all, you have the option to manage the sound notifications for your device. In this video, you'll see how to use the Do Not Disturb feature and how to add your own rules to the feature. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Managing your device's battery in Android 8.0
    5m 4s
    As you use your Android 8 the level of your device's battery will go down. The different applications you have installed will also be using energy and will also have their own level of battery usage. In this video, you'll see how to find which applications are using a lot of battery storage and how to use the battery saver option to allow you to use your device for longer. FREE ACCESS


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