Creating & Editing Videos in YouTube Web

YouTube Web    |    Intermediate
  • 6 videos | 25m 20s
Discover how to create your own videos with YouTube. Explore the YouTube tools to create video slideshows and montages, add music and annotations, and edit and customize your videos.


  • Create a video slide show on youtube
    Add background music to your youtube videos
    Create a youtube video montage
  • Custom edit your youtube videos
    Apply filters and special effects to your youtube videos
    Annotate your youtube videos


  • 4m 6s
    If you'd like to share your photos or add music to a photo slideshow you can create a video slideshow on YouTube. Choose the transitions and effects that you'd like to apply and watch your slideshow in video format. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 31s
    See how to find, listen and download background music, to use in your videos and slideshows. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a video montage in YouTube Web
    4m 2s
    YouTube includes a video montage tool. See how to add files, videos, audio, transitions and annotations to your project. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Customizing your video in YouTube Web
    4m 13s
    Before you publish your video, you can use the editing tools to make additional adjustments. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Touching up your video in YouTube Web
    3m 31s
    Make enhancements to your imported videos on YouTube. You can make simple edits or access the advanced editing tools to apply filters and special effects. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding annotations to a video in YouTube Web
    4m 58s
    If you'd like to add additional information to your videos, you can use annotations. Add bullet form text or comments and take your time positioning each annotated element within your video to they appear at the moment that you intended. FREE ACCESS