Creating, Importing, & Organizing Files in IBM Connections Cloud

IBM Connections Cloud    |    Intermediate
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You can share files or work on them with others in real time using IBM Connections. Discover how to create, import, edit, and delete files; use folders to organize files; and locate and share files with other users.


  • create a new document with IBM Connections
    upload and download files from IBM Connections
    delete and restore files with IBM Connections
    use the IBM Connections search tool
    search and find files in IBM Connections
  • create and manage file folders in IBM Connections
    search for folders in IBM Connections
    share files and folders with IBM connections
    collaborate and comment on documents through IBM Connections


  • 4m 48s
    In IBM Connections you can create a new document easily while working online. See how to create a text document, presentation and even a spreadsheet via the files application menu. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 50s
    IBM Connections enables you to store files as well as upload and download files to your computer. See how to upload and download multiple file via the file menu in IBM Connections. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Deleting a file in IBM Connections Cloud
    2m 17s
    If you no longer need a file you can move it to the trash. See how to remove, delete and restore files in IBM Connections. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the search tool in IBM Connections Cloud
    4m 36s
    IBM Connections has a very effective search tool. You can quickly find a person, a group or a post from your account. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Searching & finding files in IBM Connections Cloud
    5m 47s
    With IBM Connections there are many ways to find files. You can sort, filter, switch between different display options, and search using keywords or wildcards. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating & managing folders in IBM Connections Cloud
    5m 39s
    Folders let you group files according to their themes. You can set the privacy, add files and manage them according to your access level. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Searching & finding folders in IBM Connections Cloud
    3m 23s
    In IBM Connections there are many ways to search for folders. You can sort, filter, switch between display options and search for specific keywords. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Sharing a file or folder in IBM Connections Cloud
    5m 13s
    With IBM Connections you can share your files with people and communities or make them visible to everyone in your organization. You can also share a folder that contains files rather than sharing each file individually. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Collaborating on documents in IBM Connections Cloud
    5m 32s
    You can share files from the files application in IBM Connections with members of your community and then you will be able to collaborate in real time as well as add comments in a shared document. FREE ACCESS


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