Creating, Opening, & Saving Publications in Publisher 2016 for Windows

Publisher 2016 (Windows)    |    Beginner
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Publisher 2016 is the desktop publishing application in Microsoft's Office 2016 suite of tools. This course teaches you how to get started with the application, and begin creating, saving, and sharing your publications. Topics include how to access the Publisher application, create and access a document, and apply templates to it. You'll also explore how to navigate the features and functions of the Publisher interface. See how to browse your publication document and how to organize the page view. Observe how to save your document in native Publisher format or as a PDF, distribute your publication and export it in file format. Finally, learn how to send it as an email or print your finished product.


  • find and open the Publisher 2016 application
    create and open a Publisher 2016 publication
    use templates in Publisher 2016
    navigate the Publisher 2016 interface
    browse your Publisher 2016 publication
    organize the page view in Publisher 2016
  • save a Publisher 2016 document
    save as a PDF in Publisher 2016
    export your Publisher 2016 publications
    send a document by email in Publisher 2016
    print a Publisher 2016 publication


  • 4m 8s
    Having installed Publisher 2016 on your computer you can use your Windows start menu to help you find it. You can also create shortcuts to the software which is useful if you're going to be using it on a regular basis. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 17s
    It's important to get to know the Publisher 2016 homepage as from here you can create new documents, open previously created documents and access your recent documents. Publisher also allows you to customize how your recent documents are displayed, which is useful if you want to open your documents from the open menu, or if you want to limit the number of recent documents that can be seen by other people if you share your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using templates in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    5m 18s
    Publisher 2016 has an extensive list of templates for you to choose from to create your publications. You can choose a featured or built-in template and add your own information and images and make changes to the design and layout. Once you've modified a template you can save it and add it to your personal list of templates. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Navigating the interface in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    4m 11s
    It is essential to know how to navigate the Publisher 2016 interface to be able to access all the functions, tools and features it has to offer. In this video, you will discover how to access the File backstage view, the ribbon and different elements of the Publisher window, such as the tabs, status bar, and Quick Access Toolbar. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Browsing your publication in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    4m 39s
    You may find that when using Publisher 2016 that you are dealing with documents with a large number of pages. Different tools in publisher will allow you to move quickly between pages and find a specific page without having to waste time scrolling through the rest of your document. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Organizing the page view in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    4m 56s
    Using the zoom options in Publisher 2016 can help you to work on your documents either by having a clear view of the whole document or zooming in to be able to work on the details or to see what you're working on more comfortably. Opening more than one window to be able to work on several documents at the same time is also possible. You can manage these different windows to customize how they are displayed and in this video, you will also see how to move between your various windows easily. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Saving a document in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    3m 59s
    Saving your document to your computer is a good idea if you want to conserve different versions of a publication. Publisher 2016 allows you to choose where to save your document and the type of format best suited to the type of publication and if you plan to share it, for example. You also have the possibility of saving your publication online which means you can work on it from any computer with an internet connection. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Saving as a PDF in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    4m 15s
    Publisher 2016 lets you convert and save your publications into PDF files. Saving documents in a PDF format is useful as it will let you see what your document will look like when printed. The format can be read on any platform and is difficult to modify, and therefore a good choice for sharing your work. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Exporting your publications in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    5m 21s
    If you want to be able to share your publications with people who don't have Publisher 2016 you can do so by exporting them in different formats, such as a web page. There are also different export options to help you prepare your publications for printing from a photo center or commercial printer. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Sending a document by email in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    5m 10s
    If you want to share your publication with a colleague or customer Publisher 2016 gives you the option to do so by email is different formats. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Printing a publication in Publisher 2016 for Windows
    5m 21s
    Printing a hard copy of your different publications is useful as you can see what the publication will look like and make any necessary alterations before printing, especially if you're going to print in bulk. Publisher 2016 has different print settings allowing you to print your publication in the correct format that you can check by using the print preview options. FREE ACCESS


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