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Create compelling content to engage your Page audience. Learn how to use the different types of post, add photos, slideshows, and live videos, and draft and schedule posts to keep your Page active and dynamic.


  • create a status post on your Facebook page
    post photos and videos to your Facebook page
    live stream a video on your Facebook page
    create a page event on Facebook
    create a poll to post on your Facebook page
    make a non-profit donation post on your Facebook page
  • edit existing posts on your Facebook page
    schedule the appearance of a post on your Facebook page
    draft a post for your Facebook page
    access publishing tools to manage your Facebook posts
    manage the videos that you have posted to your Facebook page


  • 3m 17s
    Your Facebook Page allows you to share information in the form of posts to your Page's timeline. You can therefore choose to publish anything you think is important for your business, brand or charity. In this video, you will see how to use status posts to communicate with friends and clients. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 51s
    Posting photos or videos to your Page's timeline will make your Page stand out more and be a nice way to enhance the information you write in your status posts. You can add videos or photos of events, products, presentations or press releases, for example. Facebook Pages also lets you schedule an expiration for your video. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Posting a live video
    4m 42s
    Facebook Pages allows you to make a video using your device's webcam and then post it to your Page's timeline. Adding this type of post is a fun way to share information with your Page's audience and encourage people to like, share and comment on your content. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a Page event
    7m 33s
    Any event that you organize can and should be posted on your Facebook Page. That way all your clients, friends and colleagues can find all the essential information about it. You can include the name, location, date and any other important details to make your event a success. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a poll
    5m 53s
    If you want or need to conduct marketing research for a product or service you can create a poll from your Facebook Page. In this video, you'll see how to create, configure, and delete a poll with Facebook Pages. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Supporting a nonprofit organization in Facebook Pages Web
    4m 21s
    You have the possibility of supporting a nonprofit organization by asking your Facebook friends to make a donation via your Page. In this video, you'll see how to create this specific publication and how to make a donation. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Editing a post
    3m 45s
    If you forget to add some information to a post on your Page's timeline or you would like to modify something you can at any moment edit a published post. In this video, you will see how to edit, hide or delete a post and how to pin it to the top of your Page. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating a scheduled post
    5m 27s
    Your Facebook Page allows you to post what you consider to be important and want to share. You have the possibility to choose the date of your post's publication and schedule when it will appear in your Page. You can also choose to backdate a publication if you wish. In this video, you will also learn how to stop the news feed distribution of your post. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Drafting posts
    3m 50s
    As you know Facebook Pages allows you add lots of different information to your various posts, if you are working on a post and don't want to publish it right away, you can save it as a draft. Once you have created a draft you can always find it again to check its ready before clicking publish and posting it to your Page's timeline. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing your posts
    5m 46s
    Facebook Pages allows you to create different types of posts, to save posts you’re not ready to publish, and even schedule the publication or your posts. With all these different types of post, it therefore important to know how to access Publishing Tools to be able to manage all your different posts. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Managing your videos
    5m 55s
    If you want your videos to be viewed, liked and commented on you can learn how to feature a video or create a playlist. In this video, you will also see how to manage your different videos an access the video insights for your Page. FREE ACCESS


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