Customizing your iPad Settings in iOS 12

iOS 12    |    Intermediate
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Streamlining your iOS 12 system settings is easy. This course shows you how to configure many features on your iOS 12 device. Topics include learning how to manage your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections; how to optimize your display settings and manage your device's connectivity settings. Learn how to keep track of your files with an organized storage space. Finally, observe how to protect or share your information and explore accessibility features.


  • Manage your ipad ios 12 device's connectivity settings
    Configure the display on your ipad ios 12
  • Manage your ipad ios 12 storage space
    Manage the accessibility features on your ipad ios 12


  • 5m 33s
    With iOS 12 you can connect your device to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to transfer files or find a wireless internet connection. This tutorial will cover how to connect to and disconnect from a network and also how to activate airplane mode. Airplane mode lets you use your device during a flight as it will automatically disconnect wifi and Bluetooth connections. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 30s
    Your iOS 12 device lets you configure different display and brightness settings. For example, you can configure the language and region settings to make it easier to use your device and you can adjust the brightness of your screen to make it more comfortable. You can also check that your device is up to date by checking you have the latest version of the iOS software. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your storage space in iOS 12
    3m 37s
    Your device has limited storage space that can be managed and monitored via the iOS 12 settings menu. This video will show you how to review your storage space offload or delete apps you no longer use. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing the accessibility features in iOS 12
    5m 57s
    iOS 12 has assistive features that can be easily activated. The features will aid people with hearing, physical and motor skills and learning and literacy disabilities as well as those who are blind or have low vision. FREE ACCESS


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