Data Types, Collections, and Branching

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Understanding the way programming languages use data and how execution flow works are key elements in understanding computer programming. In this course, you'll explore data types, how variables and data typing are used, and the purpose of composite data types and their potential uses. Then you'll learn about collections, including arrays, lists, sets, and dictionaries. Finally, you'll discover how program flow is controlled using branching, including execution paths, conditionals, and switch statements. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • discuss data types and how data type definitions are required in computer programming
    describe how data types are assigned to variables
    discuss how variables are assigned values
    describe how a computer language like C represents data types in memory
    discuss how to determine data types using Python
    describe composite data types and their purpose
    discuss potential uses for composite data types
    describe the basic rationale for creating a composite data type
    discuss how composite data types can be passed off to various programming constructs
    describe some basic examples of composite data types
    discuss the basic approach to designing composite data types
    describe a basic example of how to combine values to develop a composite data type
  • discuss collections and their basic purpose in computer programming
    describe arrays and their basic purpose
    describe lists and their basic purpose
    describe sets and their basic purpose
    describe dictionaries and their basic purpose
    discuss how to select collection types using various programming languages
    define execution paths and their purpose
    discuss how conditionals are used to perform branching
    describe how execution paths can be used to control program flow using a real-world example
    discuss switch statements and how they can be used to determine program flow
    describe how various control flow mechanisms can be used to control the execution of a program



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