Developing Successful Coaching Relationships

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In a perfect business world, all employees would be ideally suited to their jobs, with skills and aptitudes fully aligned to their roles. In the real world, however, successful leadership requires coaching and mentoring. Leaders must foster a culture conducive to coaching and be capable themselves of stepping into a coaching role when it's called for. In this course, you'll learn coaching techniques for building dynamic and purposeful coaching relationships. You'll learn some coaching principles that will guide you in helping your team members exceed their preconceived limitations and reach their full potential.


  • Recognize actions leaders take to make coaching a success in their workplace
    Identify effective ways to initiate the coaching relationship
    Recognize effective techniques for developing a productive coaching relationship
    Identify ways successful coaches use management skills to facilitate the coaching process
  • Recognize common coaching challenges and how to address them
    Identify actions coaches take to encourage ongoing improvement at the closing phase of the coaching relationship
    Reflect on what you've learned


  • 47s
    Coaching is about inspiring people to do their best and helping them grow professionally. Successful leaders challenge people to find their own answers. Every leader must develop their own coaching style, but the process is made up of fundamental practices all leaders need to understand. In this course, you'll learn successful practices for initiating a coaching engagement. You'll also learn how to facilitate coaching activities utilizing key management skills. Finally, you'll learn strategies for dealing with coaching challenges. FREE ACCESS
  • 9m 38s
    Coaching means different things to different people. Some think of coaching as it relates to sports, but coaching has a broader meaning in organizational settings. It's a dynamic collaborative relationship between a coach and a coachee, who communicate and interact to help the coachee achieve growth, develop professionally, and improve their performance. Coaching isn't intended to be punitive or threatening, it's meant to be supportive and motivating. In this video you will learn about the key characteristics of effective coaching. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Initiating a Coaching Relationship
    13m 46s
    Coaching for development involves developing the coachee skills, knowledge, and behaviors to be more effective in her current role. There may be performance issues as well, but your focus is developing the person's potential. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Developing a Productive Relationship with a Coachee
    6m 41s
    During this video, you will learn how to establish a productive relationship with a coachee. You will also discover how to be attentive, respond appropriately, and mirror your coachee's signals. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Facilitating the Coaching Process
    7m 20s
    Coaching is an ongoing process and sometimes, it's three steps forward, two steps back. You have to remain positive and committed if you're going to expect your coachee to keep trying in the face of challenges. In this video, you will learn how to facilitate the coaching process. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Handling Coaching Challenges
    4m 58s
    Coaching is an ongoing process of helping your coachee to learn and grow. In this video, you will explore the key concepts that will be covered in this video including how to handle coaching challenges. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Concluding a Coaching Engagement
    7m 3s
    Coaching is an ongoing process, especially when used for development. But most coaching engagements reach a logical end point where coaching sessions become less frequent or no more than occasional check-ins. Typically, this happens after the coachee has adopted the new skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to fulfil their goals. In this video, you will learn how to conclude a coaching engagement. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Let's Review
    In this video, you'll review the key concepts covered in the course Coaching for Performance. FREE ACCESS


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