DevOps- More Than Just Dev & Ops

DevOps    |    Beginner
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For decades there have been disconnects between the different roles of the IT shop. We struggle with inherent barriers between development projects and the stable infrastructure needed to deploy and run products. In this course, you'll be introduced to DevOps and why it's more than just the sum of development and operations. You'll begin by discovering what DevOps represents and why successful organizations utilize it. Then you'll explore how DevOps impacts developer productivity, a brief history of DevOps, W. Edwards Deming and his influence on the TQM movement, the Lean movement, and waste identification. Finally, you'll learn about Agile and its principles, continuous delivery, and the end goals of DevOps. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • describe DevOps, its purpose, and why it appeals to organizations
    discuss the qualities of high-performing IT organizations
    list work activities within the work lifecycle and note of bottlenecks, problem areas, and pain points
    explain the reasons why IT organizations need DevOps
    describe the Knight Capital scenario and how it affected that organization
    discuss takeaways from the Knight Capital scenario
    describe how DevOps impacts developer productivity
    discuss the influencers that brought about the DevOps methodology
    describe W. Edwards Deming's influence on the TQM movement
  • discuss the principles driving the Lean movement
    identify areas of waste within your team or organization and how you can communicate or eliminate these items
    describe the Agile development and Agile infrastructure movements and their impact on DevOps
    discuss the 12 principles of Agile and their purpose
    describe the differences between Agile and traditional IT processes
    discuss the roles and activities of Agile
    think about how Agile practices can be used in IT operations
    describe continuous delivery movement and what distinguishes it from continuous integration and continuous deployment
    discuss the ultimate goals of DevOps



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