Downstream Processing

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  • Includes Assessment
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In this course, Dr. Paul Barone will teach you all about the downstream processing step of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


  • Understand the basics of downstream processing
    Remember the details of proteins structure
    Understand downstream modifications to biologic medicines
    Understand how cell harvest works in downstream processing
    Understand how centrifugation works in action
    Understand cell disruption
    Understand the basics of filtration
  • Understand the design of a filtration unit
    Understand how depth filtration works in action
    Understand how ultrafiltration works in action
    Understand chemical recovery of pro-insulin
    Understand the industry from a professional
    Understand the industry from a company perspective


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    1.  Introduction To Downstream Processing
    6m 17s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone gives an overview of the key steps in isolating and purifying a biologic drug from upstream culture fluid. He also describes the molecular attributes that allow proteins to be separated… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Review Of Protein Structure
    5m 52s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone discusses the protein characteristics and their related separation techniques in more detail. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Post-Production Assembly And Modifications
    5m 41s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone gives several examples of downstream modifications to biologic medicines, such as PEGylation, glycosylation, and enzymatic cleavage, and their impact on downstream processing. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Cell Harvest
    4m 22s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone provides a more detailed overview of centrifugation, one of the tools often used in the primary recovery step of downstream processing. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Centrifugation In Action
    2m 6s
    Now that you've learned what a centrifuge is, we should see what one looks like. Dr. Barone is on-site at the Pfizer Pilot facility in Andover, MA. There he talks with Scientist Mark Kivimaki about a continuous flow… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Cell Disruption
    5m 37s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone discusses cell disruption topics in more detail, including the distinct advantages and disadvantages for each technique. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Introduction To Filtration
    5m 52s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone discusses filtration in more depth. He will teach you about the various filtration methods, including microfiltration, nanofiltration, dead-end filtration, tangential-flow… FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Design Of A Filtration Unit Operation
    3m 11s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone describes filtration equations in more detail. Designing a filtration unit operation mostly depends on two parameters: the permeate flux and the rejection coefficient. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Depth Filtration In Action
    1m 49s
    We just covered quite a bit about filtration, so let's go see what different types of filtration units look in action. Dr. Barone returns to the Pfizer Pilot facility to continue his discussion with Mark Kivimaki.… FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Ultrafiltration In Action
    4m 1s
    Continuing on our field trip to see filtration operations in action, Dr. Barone is back at Pfizer to talk to Principal Scientist Daniel LaCasse about ultrafiltration and diafiltration. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Chemical Recovery Of Pro-Insulin
    3m 24s
    In the following video, Dr. Barone discusses some chemical processing steps necessary in the purification of insulin, including the dissolution of inclusion bodies to recover the insulin, chemical modification of the… FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Meet The Experts: Jorg Thommes
    6m 18s
    Learn about biomanufacturing from an expert FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Biogen
    5m 42s
    Learn about the biomanufacturing company Biogen FREE ACCESS