Evaluate and Select the Right Cloud Provider

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Organizations continue to mover their IT to the cloud at a staggering pace, but selecting a cloud provider can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. In this course, you'll learn methods for selecting a cloud service provider, beginning with how to evaluate solution requirements by identifying the various types of cloud computing, cloud service models, and business drivers that will affect your choice. Then you'll discover how to identify cloud service providers, explore their product offerings, and how to compare cloud providers to determine whether they have a solution that meets your needs. Finally, you'll explore how to size and plan a solution that works for you, and methods for completing the research process before you make your final decision. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    recognize key differentiators a cloud provider should offer
    describe cloud computing and the various types of cloud computing
    discuss the various types of cloud service models
    define project drivers
    describe what project vision is and why it's needed
    discuss the purpose of project scope
    define the meaning of business drivers and their purpose
    describe the meaning of technical specifications and their purpose
    introduce a case study
    discuss Wunhill Distribution and the problem it encounters in a given scenario
    describe the steps needed to assess the Wunhill Distribution scenario
    discuss how the Wunhill Distribution scenario was assessed based on several drivers
    describe how a specific service model was chosen in the Wunhill Distribution scenario
    discuss various options for procuring a service provider in the Wunhill Distribution scenario
    introduce options for references and reference materials
    describe the advantage of choosing a market research firm when searching for a cloud provider
    discuss why customer testimonials are a good source when researching cloud providers
    describe the advantages of using case studies when choosing a cloud provider
    discuss the advantages of reference architecture
    describe considerations to be noted when researching a cloud provider
    discuss the approach for conducting a provider search in a given scenario
  • discuss how to refine your search for a service provider in a given scenario
    describe the purpose of building a translation tool and its various features
    discuss how to use a translation tool as a means of comparing services and products
    describe takeaways from the cloud provider research scenario
    define the differences between business drivers and technical specifications
    discuss additional business drivers that you may want to consider when researching a cloud provider
    describe various methods for determining whether a cloud provider can satisfy your business requirements
    discuss the scenarios where you compare cloud providers to determine whether they have a solution to match your needs
    describe takeaways from the satisfying requirements scenario
    discuss methods for comparing cloud providers and total cost of ownership (TCO) calculators
    define the problem with TCO calculators and how the translation tool can be used to produce proper results
    describe how to use TCO calculators on various cloud provider websites
    discuss over-provisioning and under-provisioning and the problems you may encounter when sizing cloud solutions
    describe the myth behind scaling in the cloud
    discuss vertical scaling and how it's achieved
    describe horizontal scaling and how it's achieved
    discuss the approach for reviewing technical specifications in a given scenario
    describe takeaways for the sizing and planning a solution scenario
    discuss how contacting providers allows you to obtain information about your cloud needs
    describe how trying out provider solutions can allow you to familiarize yourself with a solution before purchasing it
    discuss why outside help can help you make an informed decision about a cloud service provider
    describe how training can help you design and implement a cloud solution



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