Expert Insights on Accountability

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Accountability leads to incredible outcomes. Whether it's individual accountability or accountability to others, living up to responsibilities results in performance and profits that soar.


  • Acquire insights on the value that an organisation can get by creating people-centric leadership models.
    Acquire insights on the responsibilities of managers to ensure that their teams perform and produce the desired results.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being accountable and not just responsible for the outcomes.
    Acquire insights on the mutual accountability of horizontal teams in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the obstacles to accountability.
  • Acquire insights on the five levels of accountability in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of identifying who you can trust and count on in the workplace to make you feel safe and comfortable.
    Acquire insights on creating a culture and developing a mindset where individuals feel accountable and responsible for the work they do.
    Acquire insights on the difference between accountability and responsibility.
    Acquire insights on the five steps to accountability.


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    1.  The ROI of Creating a People-Centric Leadership Model
    2m 28s
    Based on Stern Stewart economic value added (EVA) analysis; their annual shareholder value has grown 15 percent-plus since 1988. When you give people an inspiring vision; responsible freedom; and celebration along the way you get exception results. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Accountability in Management
    1m 6s
    Managers are ultimately responsible for the performance and results of their units. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Get More Results: Pick Up Accountability and Let Go of Responsibility
    3m 9s
    Move from being the go-to person to being a leader of go-to teams by becoming accountable for results. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Horizontal Teams
    3m 19s
    Most organizations are hierarchical. By contrast; workers in horizontal teams are empowered and mutually accountable. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Obstacles to Accountability
    3m 28s
    Employees who are rewarded for individual performance have no incentive to be accountable for others. These managers and teams play a game where they win and others lose. Some managers will play for the entire enterprise; but they are few and far between. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Five Levels of Accountability
    3m 1s
    Levels 1 and 2 are accountability for yourself and your people. That’s usually as good as it gets. Level 3 is accountability for peers; level 4 is accountability for the boss; and 5 is for the enterprise. Division heads can demonstrate accountability at level 5. He gives an example. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Who's Got Your Back?
    3m 31s
    Who can you count on in the work place? Who always tells you the truth? Who will let you hold them accountable? Who holds you accountable? You need people you respect and who make you feel safe. Reach out to them. Make a bond to make sure neither of you fail. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Individual Accountability
    3m 2s
    Bob Sutton describes organizations where everyone feels individually accountable. People are recruited who reflect that mindset; and are placed in groups that live the mindset. These employees feel obligated to correct each other; and admit their mistakes publicly. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  The Next Level: Pick Up Accountability for Many Results; Let Go of Responsibility for Few Results
    2m 38s
    Scott Eblin explains the difference between accountability and responsibility. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Five Steps to Accountability
    2m 36s
    To ensure accountability, be clear: about expectations, capabilities, measurements, feedback, and consequences. FREE ACCESS


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