Expert Insights on Adapting to Change

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For most people, change triggers the fight or flight response. To stop fleeing and start fighting, put your brain chemistry to work for you, embrace the opportunities that come with change, and turn negative stress into forward movement.


  • Acquire insights on dealing with a challenging situation and turning it into an opportunity for growth.
    Acquire insights on the importance of change and adapting to it in a positive and timely manner.
    Acquire insights on one's amygdala and its impact on people in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how to turn stress into positive pressure. This will help give a positive spin to a negative situation.
    Acquire insights on keeping an open mind and embracing whatever comes your way with a positive spirit.
    Acquire insights on "Adaptability demons," the forces that stop you from thinking positively and moving forward.
    Acquire insights on the importance of investing and focusing on the process and not the outcome.
    Acquire insights on how to adapt to a situation by viewing it from multiple points of view.
    Acquire insights on how to remain positive and resilient in trying times just like a Daruma doll which always springs back up when it’s knocked down.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of trying new things and dealing with any feelings of discomfort.
    Acquire insights on the three mindsets: Growth, Opportunity-seeking, and Healthy detachment to you embrace change.
    Acquire insights on the importance of going outside your comfort zone to reach your best potential.
    Acquire insights on the importance of taking challenges head-on and not avoiding tough situations in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how to manage uncertainty by being adaptable and flexible.
    Acquire insights on accepting that change is an inevitable part of life and work and not making a big deal out of it by staying calm and positive.
    Acquire insights on how to make complex matters simpler in a business context.
    Acquire insights to understand that employees who want to see change need to be part of the change.
    Acquire insights on strategies to thrive through change.



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