Expert Insights on Being a First-time Manager

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Congratulations! You’re a new manager. Now what do you do? A successful transition starts with recognizing you cannot—and should not—do everything by yourself. Too, it’s critical that you change your mindset from one of “me” to “we.”


  • Acquire insights on how to overcome myriad challenges when you become a new manager.
    Acquire insights on the ‘platinum rule’ of leadership.
    Acquire insights on how to transition from a team member to a team manager where you have the added responsibility of being responsible not just yourself, but for others in your team as well.
    Acquire insights on becoming a new manager and making a successful transition into the world of management.
    Acquire insights on how to catalyze strengths to nurture and develop employees and bring out their best potential.
    Acquire insights on becoming a new manager and some advice on how to manage your affairs.
    Acquire insights on being an instinctual and effective leader by recognizing and accepting who you are.
    Acquire insights on how managers can function effectively with a team by creating opportunities for them to succeed.
  • Acquire insights on developing talent and enabling people in your team to work with the level of proficiency that you expect.
    Acquire insights on the top three things new managers should do to stimulate innovation.
    Acquire insights on the common mistakes that new leaders make and how they can be avoided.
    Acquire insights on the developmental changes that you will experience on becoming a first-time manager and how you can be more effective during the transition.
    Acquire insights on leadership tips for new managers.
    Acquire insights on which conferences are worth investing your time and resources in, for professional development.
    Acquire insights on the need for collaboration; having the best people in the business is useless if they don't work together.
    Acquire insights on the challenges that come with managing former peers.



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