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We know collaboration is good for business, but what is good collaboration? It's part honesty, humility, reciprocity, and understanding, but most of all, it's everyone in an organization working together to make everyone else a winner.


  • Acquire insights on how to collaborate and build trust to avoid or get out of an organizational gridlock.
    Acquire insights on collaborative leadership--what it means, and its benefits.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being humble to become a good and effective collaborator.
    Acquire insights on how successful organizations collaborate virtually to get results.
    Acquire insights on the importance of shifting your thinking from ‘me’ to ‘we’ when trying to collaborate.
    Acquire insights on the importance of showing the intention to collaborate and the skills it takes to successfully collaborate.
    Acquire insights on what it takes to successfully collaborate with others to achieve the desired results.
    Acquire insights on several practical steps to ensure a healthy and productive team collaboration.
    Acquire insights on the importance of collaborative decision-making and the role leadership plays in orchestrating it.
    Acquire insights on dealstorming as a collaborative process that brings together all the stakeholders involved in solving a problem or sale.
    Acquire insights on instilling the importance and value of cooperation within the organization.
    Acquire insights on understanding and creating synergy as a means to effectively collaborate.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being transparent and open in order to foster collaboration.
    Acquire insights on how to simplify complex matters.
  • Acquire insights on one of the best ways--creating simple drawing--to communicate ideas.
    Acquire insights on making collaboration effective by focusing on what you need to achieve and not the how.
    Acquire insights on how to align groups and make them more agile.
    Acquire insights on the difference between “yes, and...” and “yes, but...”.
    Acquire insights on how to use improv to improve collaboration.
    Acquire insights on the need for collaboration.
    Acquire insights on how to incentivize collaboration.
    Acquire insights on the need to identify team assets.
    Acquire insights on barriers to collaboration.
    Acquire insights on how to use collaboration to motivate teams.
    Acquire insights on how scratchy relationships improve collaboration.
    Acquire insights on how to shift to a collaborative mindset.
    Acquire insights on requirements for collaboration.
    Acquire insights on the cohort effect.


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    1.  Get Out of Organizational Gridlock by Building Trust
    4m 33s
    Organizational gridlock can destroy companies, trust and collaboration are the tools that alleviate congestion. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Collaborative Leadership
    3m 38s
    Collaborative leadership means 1) identifying important partners through a broad network; 2) modeling collaboration for team members; and 3) knowing when to stop collaborating. Collaborate with different people to innovate and get out of the daily routine. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Humility Is Key to Collaboration
    2m 21s
    Kelly Thompson explains why; if you want to be a good collaborator; you need to be humble. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Results Through Collaboration
    3m 47s
    Successful organizations collaborate virtually with different people. 1) Collaboration requires reciprocity—a habit of giving. 2) Know whom to link with; successful teams network with stakeholders; not each other. 3) Collaboration assumes a complex task. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Collaboration: Me to We
    2m 16s
    Unlike his own childhood; his kids don’t know what it means to live alone. They are connected to others continuously. The shift from me to we brings tolerance; and creates a more productive and sharing society that believes there is virtue in collaboration. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Three Surprising Skills of Collaboration
    2m 7s
    Show your intention to collaborate. 1) Tell the truth with good will; share your views honestly. 2) Show understanding by taking the other person's side; this will require listening. 3) Own your own contribution to the problem. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Great Collaboration
    1m 29s
    Great collaboration occurs when everyone in the organization wants everyone else to be a winner—when everyone is generous with each other; and have common objectives. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Tips on Team Collaboration
    3m 24s
    You can take several practical steps to ensure a healthy and productive team collaboration. John Foster shares how he develops highly effective teams. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Decision Making As a Skillful Collaboration
    4m 27s
    The collaborative decision-making process takes skillful leadership to pull off. But when you do pull it off; Larry Dressler says; its rewards are significant. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Dealstorming: Solving Problems Through Collaboration
    3m 58s
    Dealstorming is a collaborative process that brings together all the stakeholders involved in a problem or sale. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  The Habit of Cooperation
    1m 23s
    Organizations and people who are energized are great at cooperation and conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Habit 6: Synergize
    3m 50s
    Synergy refers to an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts; creating cohesiveness; energy and momentum. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Transparency and Openness Foster Collaboration
    2m 27s
    People innately want to contribute, but it’s the leaders who model transparency and openness that actually get their teams to share their thinking and ideas. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  How to Simplify
    3m 20s
    In a chaotic world, the ability to simplify is a valuable superpower. Bill Jensen shares five steps to becoming Mr. or Ms. Simplicity. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Sharing Ideas
    2m 3s
    One of the best ways to communicate ideas is by creating simple drawings—you don’t even need to be an artist. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Making Collaboration Work
    2m 17s
    The key to effective collaboration is getting individuals to think together about the what, not the how. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Aligning Groups
    2m 34s
    Working faster isn’t enough to keep up with the speed of disruption. Agility and a common way of working are also key. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  “Yes, and...” Versus “Yes, but...”
    3m 42s
    Is there a difference between “Yes, and...” and “Yes, but...”? Yes, and it’s the difference between inclusivity and exclusivity. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Using Improv to Improve Collaboration
    2m 29s
    Improvisation as an art form is inherently collaborative, and leaders who integrate the key tenets of improv into their teams achieve greater success. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  The Need for Collaboration
    2m 13s
    Having the best people in the business is useless if they don’t work together. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Incentivize Collaboration
    1m 39s
    In order to foster collaboration, companies have to create team performance rewards. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  The Need to Identify Team Assets
    A team that knows and understands its own assets is much more effective. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Barriers to Collaboration
    1m 28s
    Individualism is a huge barrier to high-level collaboration. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Use Collaboration to Motivate Teams
    2m 1s
    Leaders have an array of tools that can foster collaboration. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Scratchy Relationships Improve Collaboration
    1m 13s
    Margaret Heffernan explains what a scratchy relationship looks like. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Shifting to a Collaborative Mindset
    1m 53s
    The shift from competition to collaboration is a slow, complex process. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  Three Requirements for Collaboration
    2m 3s
    Helpfulness, curiosity, and time are the three main elements needed for great collaboration. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  The Cohort Effect
    3m 26s
    The world’s best teams combine seemingly counter-productive work styles to create unusual success. FREE ACCESS


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