Expert Insights on Creative Thinking & Brainstorming

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Creativity: Nature versus nurture? You either have it or you don’t? Not true. Creativity can be learned, and those who approach the creative process in the right way can overcome any problem.


  • Acquire insights on how to enable creativity in an organization.
    Acquire insights on two myths about creativity.
    Acquire insights on how to see yourself as a creative individual.
    Acquire insights on how we all can learn to move towards creative solutions and solve any given problem.
    Acquire insights on how to nurture and develop your own creative thinking skills.
    Acquire insights on identifying when and where you do your best thinking.
    Acquire insights on the relationship between creativity and judgment.
    Acquire insights on some strategies for recharging your brain to help you get your best ideas out.
    Acquire insights on how to facilitate creativity using role-storming.
    Acquire insights on the creative process and how to prepare for it.
    Acquire insights on the importance of perseverance in creative thinking.
    Acquire insights on obstacles to creative thinking.
    Acquire insights on the seven creativity killers that can destroy creativity.
    Acquire insights on how to solve a problem using four steps; these steps help frame the problems in a way that makes the solutions possible.
    Acquire insights on the importance of starting a brainstorming session by asking good questions.
  • Acquire insights on the benefits of friendly competition.
    Acquire insights on the ‘The Performance Paradox’.
    Acquire insights on how to use creative thinking to come up with the best solution.
    Acquire insights on the most effective way of brainstorming to come up with creative ideas.
    Acquire insights on the importance of caring about what you do in order to unleash your creativity.
    Acquire insights on how to use ‘forced connections’ to come up with great ideas, when you think you are running out of ideas.
    Acquire insights on how to make room for creativity.
    Acquire insights on a simple tool that you can use in your brainstorming sessions to come up with many creative and innovative ideas.
    Acquire insights on how to showcase your skills as a creative contributor.
    Acquire insights on how to utilize creative people.
    Acquire insights on using distance to unfocus.
    Acquire insights on how nonlinear thinking enhances creativity.
    Acquire insights on the design tool, dichotomy resolution, that helps you be creative in making your wants and needs coexist.
    Acquire insights on how anyone can learn to think creatively and problem-solve by exercising the creative part of their brain.
    Acquire insights on approaching problems with an open and creative mindset.


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    Enabling Creativity in an Organization
  • Locked
    Two Myths about Creativity
    1m 53s
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    Creativity is Learned
    3m 7s
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    Anyone Can Learn to Think Creatively: Taking the Creative Leap of Faith
    4m 38s
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    Nurturing Your Own Creative Thinking
    3m 41s
  • Locked
    When and Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?
    1m 20s
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    Judgment and Creativity
    1m 48s
  • Locked
    When We Get Our Best Ideas
    4m 25s
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    Facilitate Creativity Using Role Storming
    1m 20s
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    Creativity Involves a Leap
    3m 21s
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    Creative Solutions Require Determination, Not Luck
    4m 2s
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    Identifying Obstacles to Creative Thinking
    4m 11s
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    The Creativity Killers: How Control and Restriction Can Lead to Destruction
    4m 46s
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    Four Steps to Solving a Problem
    3m 39s
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    Brainstorming Begins with Questions
    3m 37s
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    Benefits of Friendly Competition
    3m 44s
  • Locked
    The Performance Paradox: Less Effort Yields More Results
    2m 45s
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    Finding the Best Solution: Use Line-Thinking to Connect the Dots
    3m 15s
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    Alone then Together: Building More Creative Meetings
    2m 14s
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    To Enable Creativity Care About What You’re Doing
    2m 42s
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