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Customer service is not about service; it's about relationships. Like fruitful vegetable gardens, these relationships require constant nurturing. Start growing relationships that exceed customers' needs and desires, and make them blossom.


  • Acquire insights on how to entertain customers to keep them engaged while making a sale.
    Acquire insights on how to delight customers.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being customer-driven which goes beyond simply meeting customers’ needs.
    Acquire insights on how different companies focus on delighting customers by providing good customer-service and building a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty.
    Acquire insights on how to enchant customers.
    Acquire insights on delivering great customer service by supporting your team and removing any obstacles in their way.
    Acquire insights on the importance of never taking a customer for granted.
    Acquire insights on how to communicate your intentions in a way that inspires loyalty.
    Acquire insights on how to increase loyalty by treating the mistakes of others as opportunities.
    Acquire insights on how to create a great band.
    Acquire insights on how to make your company truly customer-centric.
    Acquire insights on how to create legendary customer experiences.
    Acquire insights on how to choose your customers.
    Acquire insights on how to satisfy your customers.
    Acquire insights on the importance of listening to customer feedback and using it to improve the overall quality of what you do.
    Acquire insights on how to use customer feedback to set your goals and priorities.
  • Acquire insights on how to resolve conflicts with customers and partners.
    Acquire insights on the importance of staying customer-focused in order to make profits and run a successful business.
    Acquire insights on understanding different customers, their individual wants and needs, and profitability to the company.
    Acquire insights on the importance of keeping the perspective of the customer in mind while making decisions.
    Acquire insights on the importance of making every employee in the organization realize that they are brand ambassadors for the company.
    Acquire insights on how gaining fans, and nurturing fandom, is increasingly important for all businesses.
    Acquire insights on the idea that to build your business you need to get close to your fans.
    Acquire insights on using the power of mirror neurons to create virtual connections and real fans.
    Acquire insights on using the power of video to make direct and lasting connection with your fans.
    Acquire insights on the two types of fandom, curative and transformative, and the potential benefits of both.
    Acquire insights on learning to let go of your product and giving control to your fans.
    Acquire insights on using passion to grow your fanbase and your business.
    Acquire insights on understanding that human relationships are core to building fandom.
    Acquire insights on the importance of authenticity and credibility.
    Acquire insights on the needs to focus on customer experience.


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    1.  Retail is Entertainment
    2m 27s
    Retail is about entertainment; customers come in because they want to feel good. First; have the right product in the right store; inner city Detroit is different from Dallas. Then hire associates from the community; support them; and provide compelling stories. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  The Customer is King
    4m 21s
    To delight customers first understand and align with them. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Pay Attention to Your Customers
    6m 1s
    All businesses are; or should be; customer-driven. But; as John Foster explains; being customer-driven goes beyond simply meeting customers’ needs. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Customer Service is an Ongoing Relationship
    3m 56s
    Companies like Harley-Davidson; Zappos; Running Room; Uber; and Apple offer several ways to access customer service. They don’t use scripts; but empower customer reps to make decisions and surprise and delight customers. Sarah Robinson gives examples. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  How to Enchant Customers
    3m 51s
    Trustworthiness; likability; and quality enchant customers. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Disgruntled Workers Don’t Give Great Customer Service
    2m 34s
    Every company wants to deliver great customer service; but usually doesn’t. Great customer service has more to do with the employee than the customer. Your job as a manager is to identify obstacles and remove them. A great way to do that is to ask. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Never Take a Customer for Granted
    2m 23s
    You can never take any customer for granted. As Campbell Jones shares; anytime you do so; you’re putting your business at risk. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Warmth Drives Behavior and Loyalty
    4m 19s
    To demonstrate that your intentions are worthy of others' loyalty, apply the principle of worthy intentions. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Treat Mistakes as Opportunities to Increase Loyalty
    2m 31s
    When managers handle mistakes by putting others' interests before their own, they create opportunities to build customer and employee loyalty. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Creating a Great Brand
    4m 57s
    A great brand is more than just a logo; it touches every aspect of your organization. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Customer Centricity and Focus
    2m 23s
    Every company says it is customer-focused or customer-centric, but the proof is in the pudding. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Creating Legendary Customer Experiences
    5m 24s
    Nigel Barlow offers suggestions for creating legendary customer experiences. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Choose Your Customers Carefully for Growth
    4m 41s
    Not every customer is a good customer. You can’t do everything for everyone. Focus on what you’re really good at. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Satisfying Customers
    3m 35s
    Putting customer needs at the heart of your business is key. BAA's former CEO suggests ways to motivate staff by improving your customer feedback. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Customers Give You Feedback Everyday
    3m 53s
    Sometimes the basics are easy to overlook. In this example; William Lamar shares his experience at McDonald's and how listening to customer feedback resulted in a better cup of coffee. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Use Customer Feedback To Set Priorities
    3m 17s
    Communicating with customers helps an organization set and prioritize goals; as Brian Malloy illustrates in this lesson about developing a customer-centric organization. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Resolving Conflicts with Customers and Partners
    2m 11s
    Use challenging situations in a relationship as opportunities. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Customer Focus Increases Profits
    2m 16s
    Businesses all want a great bottom line: profits. But; as Vishen Lakhiani reports; focusing on profits is not the best way to either increase the profits or run a business. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Radical Customer-Centricity
    3m 9s
    Customers vary in their individual wants; needs; and profitability to the company. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Keep the Customer in the Room
    1m 27s
    When Jeff Bezos; founder of Amazon; has a meeting there is always an empty chair in the room; representing the customer. If the meeting is about operations; what would the customer think? Pricing? Marketing? Take the customer’s perspective in all cases. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Customer Focus in Formula One Racing
    2m 51s
    Everyone in the company who has touch points with customers is an ambassador for the brand; including truck drivers and people who work in finance or R&D. An employee told a major customer some stories about the company; not knowing who he was talking to. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Finding Your Fanbase and Watch Your Business Grow
    3m 30s
    Gaining fans, and nurturing fandom, is increasingly important for all businesses. Any organization, regardless of what they make or the service they provide, can build fans. The key to building fandom is creating human connections. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Build Your Business by Getting Close to Your Tribe of Fans
    3m 35s
    Every business needs fans, but what exactly does being a fan mean? Humans are hardwired to want to be part of a tribe of like-minded people because that is where we feel safe; this is foundation of fandom. Proximity is a key factor in building relationships; to build fans, you need to find opportunities to get in close physical proximity to them. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Use the Power of Mirror Neurons to Create Virtual Connections and Real Fans
    3m 57s
    Being in close physical proximity with your customers is important if you want to turn customers into fans. But what if you simply cannot get close to your customers? What if they are based all over the world, or you exclusively operate online? Framing and presenting videos and photographs to give the suggestion that the subject is in close physical proximity, enabling you to trigger the viewer’s mirror neurons and create a virtual sense of proximity. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Use the Power of Video to Make Direct and Lasting Connection with Your Fans
    2m 48s
    Video represents an incredibly effective way of building a fanbase. A closely cropped video, in which the presenter uses a conversational tone and looks directly at the camera, communicates a powerful sense of connection to the viewer. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Curative Fandom, Transformative Fandom, and Potential Benefits of Both
    4m 22s
    There are two distinct types of fandom that you need to be aware of. One is called “curative fandom” and the other is called “transformative fandom.” Understanding the difference between the two, as well as the opportunities they both offer, will allow you to do a better job at growing fans of your business. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  Learn to Let Go of Your Product and Give Control to Your Fans
    5m 15s
    Some organizations resist the idea of letting their fans control the conversation around their brand or product. If you try to control every element of the conversation around your brand or product, you risk alienating your customers and losing your fans. If you want to grow your fanbase, you need to let go and let your fans take over once you put your product or service out there. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Using Passion to Grow Your Fanbase and Your Business
    2m 39s
    Passion is infectious. A great way to grow fans of your business is for you and all of your employees to showcase your passion to the world. It’s not always necessary to separate the personal and the professional; the more you bring people together with the things that you love in your business life, the more fans you grow. FREE ACCESS
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    29.  Human Relationships are Core to Building Fandom
    3m 1s
    Anybody can create fans. Fandom is within reach of all businesses, and all businesses can benefit from fandom. To turn customers into fans, you must foster genuine human relationships with them. The question you need to ask yourself is, “What can I do to build fans for my business?” FREE ACCESS
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    30.  The Importance of Authenticity and Credibility
    1m 33s
    Today's customers want to know that service providers have their back, represent their best interests, and can be trusted. Customers want transparency. And they have greater opportunity than ever before to know and understand things. FREE ACCESS
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    31.  The Need to Focus on Customer Experience
    2m 32s
    Most companies tend to focus on customer service. However, there is nothing unique or special about customer service - it's simply what you're supposed to do. In contrast, customer experience is about how you make the customer feel and what's most important to them. This is what companies should focus on. FREE ACCESS


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