Expert Insights on Discovering Your Strengths

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Do you worry that you aren't reaching your full potential? How well do you really know yourself? Discovering your strengths is crucial to capitalizing on your talent at work and at home. See what a difference knowing who you are can make.


  • Acquire insights on how defining yourself can actually hold you back.
    Acquire insights on how to identify and apply your strengths.
    Acquire insights on assessing how you are perceived by others.
    Acquire insights on the two important leadership components: strength and tenacity.
    Acquire insights on some competency traps and how to avoid them.
    Acquire insights on how to wisely sidestep potential failure by knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.
    Acquire insights on whether you are a promotion-focused person or a prevention-focused person and embrace your strengths.
    Acquire insights on stepping outside your comfort zone.
    Acquire insights on how to improve the quality of your contribution.
    Acquire insights on understanding that the ‘unrealized strengths’ of employees play a vital role in how teams and companies perform.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of giving a personal touch to leadership.
    Acquire insights on the importance of self-awareness in leaders.
    Acquire insights on discovering the importance of professional presence to career success.
    Acquire insights on how to develop a focus to win mindset.
    Acquire insights on how to pitch your strong poitns to differentiate yourself.
    Acquire insights on showcasing your talents through stories.
    Acquire insights on how to apply the power of acting to the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how to step into the spotlight with confidence.
    Acquire insights on how to overcome self-doubt and secure your next promotion.


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    1.  Defining Yourself Can Hold You Back
    1m 23s
    Whitney Johnson wanted to be a jazz musician but didn’t try; she thought she wasn’t good enough. Writing; on the other hand; came naturally. To become an expert; approach things as a beginner; with a desire to figure things out. For her; interviewing is an example. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  How to Identify and Apply Strengths
    2m 55s
    Ask team members to identify characteristics they value most in themselves. Those are their strengths. Recognize and deepen those strengths. For example; in a “check-in;” team members announce their strengths and how they will apply them to the issue at hand. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How Are You Perceived?
    3m 39s
    If you don't have access to an executive coach; 1) conduct a 360 on yourself; ask others who know you (don’t be defensive); 2) Google yourself; and 3) conduct your own focus room; assemble people you trust; ask them what your strengths and weaknesses are. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Two Leadership Components: Strength and Tenacity
    3m 24s
    We need to lead from our strengths—the strengths we have; not the ones we teach or the ones we emulate in others. Mother Teresa led from compassion; love; discipline; and equal regard for people. She was also tenacious; she never gave up. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Competency Traps
    2m 22s
    “What got you here won’t get you there.” Indeed; what got you here won’t even keep you here. We keep doing whatever made us successful while the world keeps changing. This is a competency trap. We need to work on things that don’t come naturally. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Learning the Hard Way Can Be the Best Way
    2m 39s
    We can all learn from our failures--but there are also times; says Don Taylor; when we can wisely sidestep potential failure by knowing our own strengths and weaknesses and doing our homework before a presentation or event. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Promotion Focus Versus Prevention Focus
    4m 16s
    Are you a promotion person or a prevention person? Promotion people are creative and comfortable with risk; but poor planners. Prevention people are dependable and analytical; but risk averse — “defensive pessimists.” Embrace your strengths. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Hidden Truths
    3m 1s
    You are flexible, brave, and capable. And you can step outside your comfort zone. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Improving The Quality Of Your Contribution
    3m 56s
    Only speaking up when you know you have the right or popular answer may be safe; but it isn't the best contribution you can make; as Don Vanthournout shares from his own experience. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Playing to Unrealized Strengths
    6m 56s
    Knowing your employees’ strengths is; of course; critical. But; as Sue Langley points out; your employees have realized strengths; unrealized strengths; and learned behaviors--and the understanding of these can play a vital role in how teams and companies perform. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Leadership Is Personal: The Ron Sugar Story
    4m 2s
    When it was his turn to speak at a conference; the Chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman started by playing the piano. He explained that people should know who you are; what you care about (such as playing the piano); and why they should follow you. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  The Importance of Self-Awareness in Leaders
    2m 19s
    As leaders our whole person is present at every moment. Great leaders are aware of their strengths and weaknesses—when their strengths should be applied; and when they need to rely on others. Research shows that self-awareness is related to company performance. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  The Importance of Professional Presence to Career Success
    3m 51s
    Although It would be wonderful if we were judged and rewarded solely on the basis of our inherent talent and hard work, this isn't the case. Discover the importance of professional presence to career success. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  How to Develop a Focus to Win Mindset
    3m 26s
    Given that work encompasses so much of our thoughts and lives, it would be great to gain more meaning and gratification from what you do each week. Find out how to develop the right mindset to enable this. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  How to Pitch Your Strong Points to Differentiate Yourself
    3m 10s
    It's powerful to be so clear about your strengths that you can articulate and communicate them instantly and succinctly, anytime and anywhere. Find out how you can articulate your strong points to differentiate yourself. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Showcasing Your Talents Through Stories
    2m 47s
    As well as the additional confidence it gives, being able to illustrate your strongpoints with entertaining and enlightening stories earns you more respect. Find out how you can make more memorable impressions by elaborating when describing your achievements. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  How to Apply the Power of Acting to the Workplace
    3m 44s
    Just as on stage or in film, it's possible to act a part and portray the character you want in the workplace. Find out how you can immediately and dramatically improve your public presence in meetings, trade shows, high-powered networking events, or low-key lunches. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Stepping Into the Spotlight With Confidence
    3m 10s
    Although most of us are uncomfortable stepping straight into the spotlight, doing so can be a way to increase visibility and gain opportunities. Discover ways you can step into the spotlight with confidence. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Stop Standing in the Way of Your Next Promotion
    2m 32s
    Everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder, but securing your next promotion can be difficult; especially if you’re filled with self-doubt. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to progressing your career isn’t a lack of opportunity; it’s your mindset. FREE ACCESS


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