Expert Insights on Email Productivity

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It's an addictive time-waster that every worker gets hooked on, checking it incessantly. Email is the necessary evil that plagues worksites, but it's possible to tame the task and turn it into something productive.


  • Acquire insights on ways to cut down on addictive email usage.
    Acquire insights on using nntr(no need to respond) in the subject line to increase email productivity.
    Acquire insights on the harmful effects of constant connection to electronic devices.
    Acquire insights on some of the best ways to use and not use email.
    Acquire insights on making quick decisions upon receiving an email.
  • Acquire insights on tips to managing your inbox and reducing email overuse.
    Acquire insights on the importance of processing emails and having a zero backlog.
    Acquire insights on how that while email saves both time and money, it does need to be managed appropriately.
    Acquire insights on the four steps to controlling your email inbox.


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    1.  Raising Engagement Through Email Relief
    3m 53s
    Email is addictive. Checking email elicits dopamine; a drug that makes us feel good. To dial back; define an elapsed time to response; times when you’re not checking email; use the phone or talk directly; control your email settings; and pack information in the subject line. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  No Need to Respond
    1m 41s
    The average workers spend a third of their time writing and responding to email. If you’re just passing along info; enter NNTR in the subject line: No Need to Respond. People will know it’s information; not a conversation. NNTR has cut time on email by 20 percent. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Slip Your Electronic Leash
    5m 18s
    Paying too much attention to your email can lower your IQ by up to ten points. Constant connection to electronic devices can have the same effect as missing a night’s sleep or smoking marijuana. Disconnect to socialize; recharge; and increase productivity. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  The Best Use of Emails
    3m 32s
    Vent first; then delete. Pick up the phone instead or have an in-person conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Email Sanity
    4m 1s
    As email arrives decide whether to delete it; file it in an action folder or a reference folder; or act on it if the action takes less than two minutes. Make your decisions quickly. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Tame the Email Beast
    1m 40s
    When email takes over your day; these six tips for taming the email beast get you back to work. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Zero Email Backlog
    2m 2s
    Getting control over your email has less to do with how many emails you get and more about how you process the email that comes in. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Email Triage
    1m 56s
    Email saves both time and money, but it does need to be managed appropriately. Are you managing your email, or is email managing you? FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Four Simple Steps to Controlling Your Inbox and Beating Your Communication Debt
    3m 6s
    Staying on top of the myriad communication channels used by busy professionals can be a full-time job. This is especially true when it comes to emails. Failing to control your inbox leads to inefficiency and a sense that you are drowning in emails. By filtering your emails, recognizing them as work, providing adequate time to complete that work, and converting emails into actionable tasks, you can take control of your inbox. FREE ACCESS


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