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Simply put, ethics is putting morals before profits. Just as doctors promise to "do no harm," businesses are learning to maximize the positive and minimize damage. In a world with increasing transparency, ethics can make or break a company.


  • Acquire insights on the effects of unethical behavior.
    Acquire insights on the seven lenses of ethical responsibility that we should consider in order to live ethically in a global society.
    Acquire insights on how life-long learning is important for ethical leaders.
    Acquire insights on the importance of a strong moral center in order to face ethical challenges.
    Acquire insights on the importance of modeling ethical behavior.
  • Acquire insights on the characteristics of ethical leaders and the impact of their leadership in the long run.
    Acquire insights on the ethics of business decisions.
    Acquire insights on how to balance ethics and profits.
    Acquire insights on how ethics is important in bringing out the potential in the people we lead.


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    1.  The High Cost of Low Ethics
    4m 29s
    Unethical behavior affects 1) prestige; a lost reputation can alienate customers; shareholders; and prospective employees; 2) productivity; especially of highly skilled workers; and 3) profitability; through employee fraud; litigation; and high absenteeism. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  What Is Ethical Leadership
    2m 18s
    The seven lenses of ethical responsibility are profits; laws; character; people; communities; the planet; and the greater good. All seven perspectives are important in order to live ethically in a global society. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Ethical Leaders Commit to Learning
    2m 10s
    Ethical competence is a moving target. We need to embark on a life-long personal learning journey. Linda Fisher Thornton tells of a baker who bakes gluten-free bread. He switched to rice flour; which is cheaper but has arsenic. He didn't know because he hadn’t kept up. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Leading from a Strong Moral Center
    2m 6s
    Profitability is not a strong guiding value when we make ethical decisions; profitability substitutes money for morality. Keep ethical expectations and values on the wall; on the meeting agenda; and on the radar. Describe what ethics looks like; especially in gray areas. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Modeling Ethical Behavior
    3m 53s
    To create an environment of ethical behavior; the entire organization must behave that way. Venkatesh Valluri explains why it’s important to model ethical behavior. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Leading for the Long Run
    2m 5s
    Ethical leaders maximize their positive impact and minimize their negative impact. They do good without doing harm. They think in terms of long term impact; not just short-term gain. The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  The Ethics of Business Decisions
    3m 7s
    Most business decisions have ethical dimensions. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Honoring Ethics and Profit
    2m 14s
    If we talk more about profits than ethics; employees will assume that profits are more important. Your core values should help employees choose when ethics and profits appear to conflict—when the right thing to do may lower the quarterly numbers. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Ethics: Penalties to Potential
    1m 55s
    Ethics is more than avoiding fines; penalties; and sanctions. Ethics also involves care. Not hitting people in the workplace means we should care for them. Envision organizations where people feel valued. FREE ACCESS


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