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People are easily influenced, and you want to be a leader, not a follower. Discovering how to get colleagues and business partners on your side is the opening move in the game of chess that is business today.


  • Acquire insights on how access to like-minded people that can influence a community.
    Acquire insights on the law of influence and determine your influence over others by placing their interests over yours.
    Acquire insights on steps to be more influential.
    Acquire insights on how to build influence by sharing ideas and knowledge.
    Acquire insights on trust as a key aspect of leadership.
    Acquire insights on a technique to map influence using social cartography.
    Acquire insights on how listening more can create influence and earn more trust.
    Acquire insights on using the knowledge of perspective taking to do things differently.
    Acquire insights on an alternative to persuasion--changing their options.
    Acquire insights on how to get others to listen to you by presenting yourself as an expert even when you are not one.
    Acquire insights on how to persuade people by magic phrases.
    Acquire insights on the keywords of powerful persuasion.
    Acquire insights on how to take care of your family without letting your work suffer.
    Acquire insights on how appealing to a sense of purpose can be extraordinarily effective in getting a job done in an organization.
    Acquire insights on how to develop a good relationship with people by creating good will.
    Acquire insights on how to get the desired result by persuading someone instead of reacting.
    Acquire insights on the law of compensation and how it helps in getting reward.
    Acquire insights on the most important skills a leader should master.
    Acquire insights on the need to control your emotions.
    Acquire insights on how belief system of an individual influences any given situation.
    Acquire insights to understand that influence is the act of drawing people in by attraction; not pushing them or using force.
    Acquire insights on how to manage a workplace with reverse mentoring.
    Acquire insights on the four neurotransmitters that enhance one's ability to lead.
    Acquire insights on how to turn an elevator pitch into a two-way conversation.
  • Acquire insights on the tips to capture someone's mind, time, and, dime in a few seconds.
    Acquire insights on how to influence people to take your side by telling a compelling story.
    Acquire insights on how to give a competitive edge.
    Acquire insights on how to intrigue your audience in a conference.
    Acquire insights on how to influence people you don't control.
    Acquire insights on the ways in which people lose their influence and power.
    Acquire insights on the importance of relationships to be influential.
    Acquire insights on the role of power and influence in oganizations.
    Acquire insights on the many ways in which managers or leaders influence the people in the organization, the reason why they are in spotlight.
    Acquire insights on the four key things required to become a powerful persuader.
    Acquire insights on the qualities of influential managers.
    Acquire insights on understanding of both leadership and power and how they are interdependent.
    Acquire insights on the different levels of a good healthy conversation.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can influence others.
    Acquire insights to understand that because organizational success relies more and more on influence networks, now is the time to build your influence.
    Acquire insights to understand that employee compliance comes with positional power. commitment comes from leading with influence, which is based on genuine trust and goodwill.
    Acquire insights on how you can influence up to inspire others to follow your lead.
    Acquire insights on persuading others by leading from the middle.
    Acquire insights on mistakes to avoid when trying to persuade others.
    Acquire insights on the four critical dimensions of persuasion.
    Acquire insights on how to bolster credibility.
    Acquire insights on the characteristics of master persuaders.
    Acquire insights on the differences between negotiation and persuasion.
    Acquire insights on the importance of likeability and how to master it.


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    1.  Affluence to Influence
    2m 58s
    Political systems try to influence through capital; but Gen Z is showing that you don’t need money. You only need access to a community of like-minded people. Dove’s™ online campaign for real beauty was successful with few dollars. Influence is a new form of capital. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  The Law of Influence: A Counter-Intuitive Principle
    2m 58s
    Your influence increases as you put other people’s interest first. Focus on them; not yourself. Ask how you can add value to the other person’s life by asking them questions; including how you can identify business prospects for them. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Real Influence
    2m 55s
    To be more influential 1) go for a great outcome; 2) listen past your blind spot; 3) go to their there; let go of your here; and satisfy their three gets: their situation; them in their situation; and where they want to go; and 4) when you’ve done enough; do more. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Building Influence Inside Your Company
    1m 59s
    To build your influence as a leader; share your ideas and knowledge. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Influence Comes from Trust
    2m 37s
    Influence comes from trust. Trust comes from vulnerability; e.g.; “I don’t know; what do you think?” People who are asked are more engaged. Sue Powell tells of a boss who asked everyone for his or her opinion; but were told to act as if the final decision were theirs. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Use Social Cartography to Map Influence
    3m 2s
    To learn who has influence in a meeting; label a circle for each person; an X for every time that person speaks; and an arrow to the person being addressed. The person addressed the most is likely the person with the most influence; not the person who talks the most. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  To Influence Others Listen More
    1m 40s
    To influence others; listen to them. It’s a form of respect. They will reciprocate with respect by listening to you. Salespeople say; “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” It’s true. Encourage others to say more. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Take the Other Person's Perspective
    3m 9s
    Draw a capital E on your forehead with the forefinger of your dominant hand. If the E faces inward; you are less likely to take the other person’s perspective; and thus be less influential. When assigning tasks; remove obstacles and consider what’s in it for the employee. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  An Alternative to Persuasion
    2m 8s
    To persuade people we usually try to change their minds. Another way is to change their options. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Getting Others to Listen When You’re Not Seen as an Expert
    2m 30s
    To get others to listen; you need to make them see you as an expert—even if they do not see you as one. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Magic Phrases That Persuade Others
    2m 8s
    Magic Phrase #1; “I suggest;” says what you want. Magic Phrase #2; “Notice;” says what to pay attention to. Magic Phrase #3; “You can;” encourages the other person to imagine what you want. Magic Phrase #4; “Now;” says when you want it done. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  The 8 Key Words of Powerful Persuasion
    2m 16s
    To persuade another person to take an action such as waiving a fee, begin by agreeing with them, with tact and kindness.  Then say, “If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.”  This communicates respect and value while providing a win-win result. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Body Language for Persuasion
    3m 10s
    Matching body language says you two are alike; which relaxes the other person by lowering their stress; and helps you get to “yes” more quickly. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  The Power of Purpose to Persuade
    2m 7s
    A hospital tried three different signs to see which sign would persuade hospital personnel to wash their hands more. “Hand hygiene prevents patients from catching diseases” was more effective than “Hand hygiene prevents you from catching diseases” or a control sign. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  The Law of Influence
    3m 52s
    The Law of Influence is all about putting other people's interests first and creating good will so that you can develop relationships with them. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Respond Instead of React
    2m 51s
    Instead of reacting, respond with persuasion. You'll be more like to get the result you want. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  The Law of Compensation
    3m 5s
    The Law of Compensation says that the more people whose lives you add exceptional value to, the more money you'll reap as reward. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Empathy
    3m 45s
    People skills are possibly the most important skills you can master as a leader. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Controlling Emotions
    3m 12s
    Embrace your emotions, but don't let them totally control your reactions and decisions. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Belief Systems
    4m 11s
    Each person has a unique and individual belief system that influences any given situation. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Influence is Pull, Not Push
    3m 14s
    Influence is the act of drawing people in by attraction, not pushing them or using force. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Managing Up with Reverse Mentoring
    1m 56s
    Millennials who want to manage up may need to adjust their expectations on entering the workplace. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Four Neurotransmitters That Enhance the Ability to Lead and Influence
    3m 10s
    Leaders have access to four naturally occurring; legal drugs--neurotransmitters; actually--that they can prescribe to improve the health of their leadership and the health of the people they lead. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Two-Way Elevator Conversation
    3m 4s
    Sam Horn gives a quick lesson in how to turn an elevator pitch into a vibrant two-way conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Don't Imagine It, Do It
    3m 14s
    Discover how to capture someone's mind, time, and dime in sixty seconds or less with Horn’s quick tips. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  People Want to Work With You
    2m 34s
    How do you get people on your side in a matter of seconds? It starts with a compelling story. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  The Competitive Edge
    2m 37s
    To give yourself a competitive edge, end your proposals and presentations by planting action seeds. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Get Others to Say, “Tell Me More”
    3m 26s
    Stop opening with your bio. Instead, start with intrigue to gain audience buy-in. FREE ACCESS
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    29.  How to Influence People You Don't Control
    4m 14s
    Six magic words: "Everyone expects to be paid back." Assume everyone is an ally if you know what they value. Align their values with what you control. FREE ACCESS
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    30.  Ways People Lose Influence and Give Away Power
    3m 25s
    See every other person as a potential ally. FREE ACCESS
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    31.  The Art of Finding and Developing Your Allies
    3m 27s
    The people with the most relationships are the people with the most influence. FREE ACCESS
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    32.  The Role of Power and Influence in Organizations
    2m 24s
    Sources of personal power in an organization include expertise; a network of relationships; and interpersonal skills. FREE ACCESS
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    33.  Managers Sit in a Powerful Spotlight
    3m 1s
    As managers; it’s important to realize you’re often in the spotlight. People are watching; paying extra attention to your words and deeds. You are a model for people. FREE ACCESS
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    34.  How To Be Persuasive
    4m 9s
    Jay Conger identifies four key things it takes to become a powerful persuader. FREE ACCESS
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    35.  Qualities of Influential Managers
    2m 10s
    Influential managers 1) don’t worry about what other people think; leadership is not about popularity; 2) are resilient; everyone has setbacks; and 3) have empathic understanding of other people; they can see the world through other people’s eyes. FREE ACCESS
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    36.  Leadership and Power
    3m 22s
    Leadership is about power. FREE ACCESS
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    37.  Healthy Conversations
    2m 20s
    In a level #1 healthy conversation we exchange information non-judgmentally; just trying to connect. Level #2 is a positional conversation; one of us is advocating a position. Level #3 is a transformational conversation; where we are willing to be influenced by each other. FREE ACCESS
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    38.  How Leaders Can Influence Others
    1m 18s
    To influence others in times of change ask; “What do you want?” People are not asked that question very often. They usually tell you what they don’t want. Keep asking; “What do you want?” It’s a simple way to influence others. FREE ACCESS
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    39.  Influence Networks
    2m 45s
    Because organizational success relies more and more on influence networks, now is the time to build your influence. Here’s how. FREE ACCESS
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    40.  Leading with Influence
    2m 39s
    Employee compliance comes with positional power. Commitment comes from leading with influence, which is based on genuine trust and goodwill. FREE ACCESS
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    41.  Influence Up
    3m 28s
    If your position doesn’t give you the power to sell your ideas, you can influence up to inspire others to follow your lead. FREE ACCESS
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    42.  Influence: Persuading Others by Leading from the Middle
    1m 44s
    If you don’t radiate influence, people will be reluctant to follow you. Discover how you can cultivate influence in order to drive change in your organization. FREE ACCESS
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    43.  Preparing to Persuade
    2m 28s
    The main mistakes people make when trying to persuade colleagues about something relate to preparation. When seeking to persuade others, we underestimate the value of preparing. The first thing to do is go to the key decision makers. Open the discussion with open-ended questions. Identify the killer questions you're going to be asked. And, last, role play with a partner before going into any pivotal meetings. FREE ACCESS
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    44.  The Four Critical Dimensions of Persuasion
    2m 41s
    There are four critical dimensions to persuasion, which, together and ultimately, will determine whether your efforts to persuade are successful or not. The four dimensions are credibility, common ground, anticipation of killer questions, and connection. FREE ACCESS
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    45.  How to Bolster Credibility
    2m 33s
    When thinking about credibility, always assume you don’t have enough of it. And assume, too, that you need to bolster it. You can bolster credibility by calling out the concerns and interests of your audience; leveraging “substitute experts” who stand in for you; and finding ambassadors who will do some of the persuasion on your behalf. FREE ACCESS
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    46.  The Characteristics of Master Persuaders
    2m 37s
    Master persuaders don't see persuasion as a pitch or a monologue, but rather as a dialogue with the key individuals who will sign off on the initiative and perhaps also implement it. It's this mindset of dialogue that master persuaders bring to each critical issue they wish to persuade about. This is what master persuaders are most gifted at. Importantly, they're also aware that they may have to make changes or compromise. FREE ACCESS
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    47.  The Differences Between Negotiation and Persuasion
    2m 9s
    Although both persuasion and negotiation are used to achieve similar outcomes, they are not the same thing. Negotiation is about bringing an issue to the table and finding constructive compromises that both sides can agree on. Persuasion is about bringing about an idea, request, or initiative that you want others to support and implement, but there's no element of negotiation. FREE ACCESS
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    48.  The Importance of Likeability and How to Master It
    1m 56s
    Likeability is important because people are more likely to work with, trust, and buy from someone they like. Although people often think of likeability as something that is nice to have, it is, in fact, necessary to have. The good news is that likeability is very easy to master. FREE ACCESS


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