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Avoid disruption and take advantage of trends in innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition with these expert tips and tricks.


  • Acquire insights on how to lead a strange team for competitive advantage.
    Acquire insights on how taking risks in the early ideation stage can yield high rewards in the end.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of incremental innovation.
    Acquire insights on the successes and failures of the initiatives taken to create the innovation culture at Crown.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of conducting supplier innovation days.
    Acquire insights on how shadowing others in the organization can stimulate innovation in dramatic ways.
    Acquire insights on how to get out of an innovation rut in an organization.
    Acquire insights on how to stay ahead of disruptive innovation by sticking to the core and not trying to track everything.
    Acquire insights on how your beliefs can make you innovative through the interesting story of a flight delay.
    Acquire insights on the four personality styles one needs to innovate.
    Acquire insights on how to inject creativity while working within the confines of the assignment. John Kao uses sheet music as an example.
    Acquire insights on the characteristics of the people required for a successful innovation team.
    Acquire insights on where executives struggle in innovation.
    Acquire insights on the importance of "why" in innovation.
    Acquire insights on how to find time for innovation.
  • Acquire insights on how innovation and its fads often don't work out for businesses.
    Acquire insights on how to innovate right now.
    Acquire insights on how to be able to lead like an innovator.
    Acquire insights on understanding fixation and imitation.
    Acquire insights on understanding the devil's advocate in innovation.
    Acquire insights on how predictions kill innovation.
    Acquire insights on being honest about obstacles.
    Acquire insights on the seven identifiable responsibilities that set you on the path to accomplishing the foremost responsibility of your organization: progress.
    Acquire insights on how to grow your innovation toolkit.
    Acquire insights on discovering how the “three I’s” creativity framework applies to leaders.
    Acquire insights on how curiosity and empathy can go a long way towards winning buy-in.
    Acquire insights on shifting your mindset to see how the fourth industrial revolution can unlock new opportunities.
    Acquire insights on how wonder and rigor driving innovation in the organization.
    Acquire insights on how creativity can lead to inventiveness, collaboration, and a customer-centric approach.


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    1.  Lead a Strange Team for Competitive Advantage
    2m 45s
    In business you want to be extraordinary, not ordinary, and that starts with being strange. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  The Fuzzy Front End
    2m 9s
    Taking high risks during the early concept phase—the fuzzy front end—can yield high rewards in the end. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  The Other 95 Percent of Innovation
    2m 37s
    With incremental innovation, organizations make everything they do better. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Innovation Programs at Crown
    3m 2s
    Dan Abramowicz candidly shares his thoughts about the successes and failures of some of Crown's innovation culture initiatives. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Supplier Innovation Days
    2m 50s
    Reaching out to your suppliers for innovation can yield important successes. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Rotations Stimulate Innovation
    3m 15s
    Rotations can stimulate innovation in intangible but dramatic ways. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Getting Out of an Innovation Rut
    1m 7s
    The best way to escape an innovation rut is to bring in others to pull you out of it. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Stay Ahead of Disruptive Innovation
    2m 7s
    To stay ahead of disruptive innovation, know everything about your core and find other people to know everything else. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Do the Impossible: Innovation Begins with Belief
    Noah Blumenthal shares a story of a delayed flight and a flight attendant that turned something thought of as impossible into a possibility with some creative thinking. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Innovative Teams: The Four Personality Styles You Need to Have
    2m 18s
    Innovation is a collaborative process that requires different personalities at each step: analytic people to define the challenge; creative people to generate solutions; people who plan and execute to get things done; and emotional people to manage the change. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Innovation Vs. Sheet Music
    2m 4s
    If your boss gives you a “sheet music” assignment; where all the notes are spelled out; you can still add your creativity. Innovate around the melody and chords. John Kao gives an example. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Requirements for a Successful Innovation Team
    2m 51s
    First; clearly define the problem to be solved. Second; assemble the right mix of deep technical expertise. Third; the team needs resources; but not too many; they need to be experimenting and getting to the next level. Fourth; leaders should be engaged throughout. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Where Executives Struggle in Innovation
    2m 57s
    Executives struggle in 1) setting the focus for innovation; e.g.; twelve initiatives is too many; 2) setting the outcomes that define success; 3) insufficient attention and governance; not encouraging debate; and 4) too much attention to process. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  The Importance of 'Why' in Innovation
    1m 8s
    Incentives like recognition; working with a certain leader; and monetary rewards are associated with unsuccessful outcomes. What works is to explain why the innovation is needed. That builds trust and purpose; and commitment to reach the top of the mountain. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Finding Time for Innovation
    1m 42s
    Innovation requires debate; reflection; and learning. These take time. 3M and Google provide time; which allows “collisions” with people; and time to read something that sparks an idea. If there are only two dots in your head there’s only one way to connect them. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Innovation Often Isn't Innovative
    4m 15s
    Innovation has its fads—open innovation; business model innovation; etc.—and the fads usually don’t work. Leaders apply tools designed for other problems; like process maps and stage gates. Teams often change the idea to fit the process rather than the reverse. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  How to Innovate Right Now
    2m 17s
    Reward behaviors that foster innovative; like risk taking; collaboration; and inquisitiveness. Companies that reward outcomes; like a new product launch or a successful proposal; find that their employees stop taking risks; collaborating; and being inquisitive. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Lead Like an Innovator
    3m 9s
    The ability to lead like an innovator comes from a mindset that focuses on discovering the unknown and a persistence to see through things that have never been done. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Fixation and Imitation
    3m 27s
    Reusing other people’s examples results in imitation, not innovation. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Devil's Advocate in Innovation
    3m 56s
    You can use the position of devil’s advocate to propel advances in innovation. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  How Predictions Kill Innovation
    4m 21s
    It’s impossible to accurately predict which ideas will turn into blockbusters. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Be Honest About Obstacles
    2m 6s
    Learning about struggles and success is more encouraging than just learning about success alone. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  The Seven Responsibilities of an Innovation Leader
    2m 55s
    Seven identifiable responsibilities set you on the path to accomplishing the foremost responsibility of your organization: progress. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Inspire Innovation Progress
    2m 36s
    Grow your innovation toolkit by adding these tips to inspire creative progress. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  The Three I's: Creativity in Leadership
    1m 59s
    Many leaders have a high creativity quotient. What does creativity look like in leadership? Discover how the “three I’s” creativity framework applies to leaders. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Using Curiosity and Empathy to Get Buy-in
    2m 48s
    How can you get buy-in from your staff and buy-in from your clients? Find out how curiosity and empathy can go a long way towards winning buy-in. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  The Fourth Revolution: Shifting Your Mindset
    2m 18s
    People react differently when they consider the future of work. Some despair that automation will result in robots taking over. Others see automation and cloud technology as a wonderful opportunity. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Using Wonder and Rigor to Drive Innovation
    2m 32s
    Companies want people to innovate, but they’re reluctant to invest the time to design processes and systems to actually help them innovate. Discover how wonder and rigor can address this challenge. FREE ACCESS
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    29.  Making Creativity the Engine for Innovation
    1m 55s
    Creativity is a core competency, and you need to make a business case for encouraging it. Discover how creativity can lead to inventiveness, collaboration, and a customer-centric approach. FREE ACCESS


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