Expert Insights on Innovation

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Avoid disruption and take advantage of trends in innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition with these expert tips and tricks.


  • Acquire insights on how to lead a strange team for competitive advantage.
    Acquire insights on how taking risks in the early ideation stage can yield high rewards in the end.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of incremental innovation.
    Acquire insights on the successes and failures of the initiatives taken to create the innovation culture at Crown.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of conducting supplier innovation days.
    Acquire insights on how shadowing others in the organization can stimulate innovation in dramatic ways.
    Acquire insights on how to get out of an innovation rut in an organization.
    Acquire insights on how to stay ahead of disruptive innovation by sticking to the core and not trying to track everything.
    Acquire insights on how your beliefs can make you innovative through the interesting story of a flight delay.
    Acquire insights on the four personality styles one needs to innovate.
    Acquire insights on how to inject creativity while working within the confines of the assignment. John Kao uses sheet music as an example.
    Acquire insights on the characteristics of the people required for a successful innovation team.
    Acquire insights on where executives struggle in innovation.
    Acquire insights on the importance of "why" in innovation.
    Acquire insights on how to find time for innovation.
  • Acquire insights on how innovation and its fads often don't work out for businesses.
    Acquire insights on how to innovate right now.
    Acquire insights on how to be able to lead like an innovator.
    Acquire insights on understanding fixation and imitation.
    Acquire insights on understanding the devil's advocate in innovation.
    Acquire insights on how predictions kill innovation.
    Acquire insights on being honest about obstacles.
    Acquire insights on the seven identifiable responsibilities that set you on the path to accomplishing the foremost responsibility of your organization: progress.
    Acquire insights on how to grow your innovation toolkit.
    Acquire insights on discovering how the “three I’s” creativity framework applies to leaders.
    Acquire insights on how curiosity and empathy can go a long way towards winning buy-in.
    Acquire insights on shifting your mindset to see how the fourth industrial revolution can unlock new opportunities.
    Acquire insights on how wonder and rigor driving innovation in the organization.
    Acquire insights on how creativity can lead to inventiveness, collaboration, and a customer-centric approach.


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    Lead a Strange Team for Competitive Advantage
    2m 45s
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    The Fuzzy Front End
    2m 9s
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    The Other 95 Percent of Innovation
    2m 37s
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    Innovation Programs at Crown
    3m 2s
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    Supplier Innovation Days
    2m 50s
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    Rotations Stimulate Innovation
    3m 15s
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    Getting Out of an Innovation Rut
    1m 7s
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    Stay Ahead of Disruptive Innovation
    2m 7s
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    Do the Impossible: Innovation Begins with Belief
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    Innovative Teams: The Four Personality Styles You Need to Have
    2m 18s
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    Innovation Vs. Sheet Music
    2m 4s
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    Requirements for a Successful Innovation Team
    2m 51s
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    Where Executives Struggle in Innovation
    2m 57s
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    The Importance of 'Why' in Innovation
    1m 8s
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    Finding Time for Innovation
    1m 42s