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A list of personality traits that a person needs to be a strong leader could go on for miles, but a few key characteristics always seem to be at the top. With myriad options, you'll need to look inside yourself to find the right answers.


  • Acquire insights on why leadership is about humility and empowering others.
    Acquire insights on why leadership is a mindset rather than a skillset.
    Acquire insights on why leadership is like a marathon with leaders having to run every day.
    Acquire insights on the five capabilities which lead to centered leadership.
    Acquire insights on what makes a great leader and the four aspects of leadership.
    Acquire insights on how personal credibility and authenticity form the foundation of leadership.
    Acquire insights on the importance of integrity in leaders.
    Acquire insights on how to be a trustworthy leader who can project warmth and competence.
    Acquire insights on how to lead through complexity by farming out bits of your leadership to followers.
    Acquire insights on why leadership is about providing a clear direction.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can become better influencers by listening to people around them and understanding their perspective.
    Acquire insights on the importance of influencing people in leadership.
    Acquire insights on why leadership is about bringing people from diverse backgrounds together and tapping into their collective wisdom.
    Acquire insights on inspiring people by aligning their needs with yours, through conversation and influence.
  • Acquire insights on how humility as well as vision makes a great leader.
    Acquire insights on the importance of reverse mentoring in leadership.
    Acquire insights on how to be a great leader by serving the people around you.
    Acquire insights on how leadership is about relying on the people who are in the trenches.
    Acquire insights on the importance of pursuing your blind spots and correcting them in order to be a more successful leader.
    Acquire insights on the importance of developing your leadership signature.
    Acquire insights on how to create the right kind of personal branding that can lead to professional success.
    Acquire insights on how to develop your executive presence as a leader.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can use storytelling as a powerful tool.
    Acquire insights on why leadership is complex like poetry.
    Acquire insights on cultivating leadership presence.
    Acquire insights on leading with grace: generosity, respect, action, compassion, and energy.
    Acquire insights on improving direct report relationships to create and engaged workforce.
    Acquire insights on understanding the importance of showing appreciation in the workplace.


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    1.  Leadership is About Humility and Empowering Others
    3m 38s
    You can’t lead others if you’re not leading yourself first. Dan Labbad explains why humility and just being yourself are key traits of today’s top leaders. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Leadership is a Mindset
    4m 22s
    Many people ask whether leaders are born or made. Typically the focus is on the skill set a leader has. But John Foster illustrates that leadership is not so much about a skill set as it is a mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Leadership is a Marathon
    1m 55s
    We tend to focus on observable leadership behaviors rather than on what’s going on inside. Management is a sprint; but leadership is a marathon. Leaders create the future; they must run every day. Be like a golfer; calm yourself; get your head in the game. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Centered Leadership
    2m 33s
    Centered leadership is five capabilities. Starting with yourself: 1) build on strengths; 2) frame and reframe (treat situations as learning opportunities; not things to fear); 3) create trust-based relationships; 4) take risks and own the results; and 5) infuse positive energy. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Four Aspects of Leadership
    3m 24s
    1) Be yourself. It takes too much effort to be someone else. 2) Surround yourself with people who are good at things you are bad at. 3) Everyone wants to perform and is only waiting to be inspired. 4) Go beyond logic and reason to do impossible things. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  The Importance of Authenticity
    2m 47s
    Personal credibility is the foundation of leadership; and trustworthiness and honesty are at the core of credibility. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  The Importance of Integrity
    3m 16s
    Leaders need many great and enduring qualities; shares Gary Krahn. One of the most important of those qualities is integrity; which you need to guard above all else. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  How to Inspire Trust
    4m 1s
    Leaders who are seen as trustworthy project warmth and competence; but leaders tend to focus more on competence than warmth. To project warmth; smile when others smiles; maintain eye contact; and nod occasionally. Trust others to be trusted; it’s reciprocal. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Leading Through Complexity
    3m 27s
    There are no right answers and you don’t have to understand complex situations. The only way to work it out is to farm out bits of your leadership to followers. Then listen to them. To build trust; promise to do something. Do it. Remind them you did it. Repeat four times. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Leaders Must Provide A Clear Direction
    1m 32s
    Leadership is figuring out what you believe; acting on those beliefs; and helping others achieve common goals. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  The Greatest Source of Influence
    2m 2s
    Many people think leadership is all about being articulate and charismatic. Those are not bad skills for a leader to have; Larry Dressler says; but far more important is a leader’s ability to listen well and understand the perspective of those around him. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  The Case for Influential Leadership
    1m 51s
    Leadership is about outputs; but leaders can’t create those outputs by themselves. That means leadership is about people. Leaders need to motivate; encourage; and engage others; both in and outside their organization. In short; leaders need to be able to influence others. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Leadership Is About Convening
    2m 48s
    The skill set that effective leaders possess today is complex and varied—but one of the most important skills a leader has is the ability to bring diverse people together and tap into their collective wisdom; explains Larry Dressler. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Inspiration through Alignment
    2m 6s
    Why do people feel good about going to church; but not about going to work? Why do teenagers defy their parents? You can inspire people only by aligning what they want to do with what you want them to do; through conversations and influence. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Great Leaders Have Vision Plus Humility
    2m 14s
    Like the captain of a ship; great leaders have strong visions; but also the humility to know they can’t achieve those visions by themselves. They tell their team that the team must deliver the vision for them. They empower people. That resonates. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Leaders Need to Embrace Reverse Mentoring
    2m 9s
    To deal with variations in geography; age; skill; and the like; a leader must be able to communicate down; but also receive communications from below to understand what others are doing. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Leadership Is About Serving Your People
    3m 4s
    No matter how much great advice you give; what people remember and respond to is how you treat them. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Leadership Is in the Trenches
    2m 38s
    Leaders are the ones willing to ask the questions. They are willing to be vulnerable; admit they don’t have the answers and ask the team; “What do you think?” The people on the front lines; in the trenches; have the answers. Ask them. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Be Relentless in Pursuing Your Blind Spots
    4m 2s
    Behind every strength is a blind spot. Glain Roberts-McCabe shares how to identify and correct this blind spot in the effort to become a more successful leader. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Develop Your Leadership Signature
    4m 25s
    Every leader has a unique leadership signature; made up of a credo—their core values and beliefs; what gives them the confidence to lead; and what provides credibility with others. Deborah Ancona describes methods for identifying your credo; confidence; and credibility. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  How to Create Your Personal Brand
    6m 13s
    Professional success has a lot to do with personal branding. Learn how to build a brand that generates the right kind of buzz to the right kinds of people. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Developing Executive Presence
    6m 25s
    Executive presence is what makes high-achieving and dynamic leaders stand apart from the crowd, and it’s a critical component of career success. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Storytelling for Leaders
    2m 43s
    Stories are one of the most powerful tools that leaders can learn how to use. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Leadership is Poetry
    3m 5s
    Leadership is a complex, long-studied part of human history. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Presence: Gaining Power by Giving It Away
    2m 30s
    Leaders with presence are able to influence and inspire others through their words and actions. Find how you can cultivate this essential leadership quality. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Grace: Leading with Generosity, Respect, Action, Compassion, and Energy
    2m 23s
    Grace is the ability to remain calm in times of crisis or unexpected difficulty. Graceful leaders are humble and aware of their own shortcomings, which in turn makes them more admirable to others. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  Improve Direct Report Relationships to Create an Engaged Workforce
    3m 43s
    Research shows that 85% of employees worldwide consider themselves either disengaged or actively disengaged in their job. The reason? A bad relationship with their immediate supervisor. The key to tackling disengagement, therefore, is improving relationships with your direct reports. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Can You Ever Show Too Much Appreciation?
    2m 48s
    It’s important to show appreciation in the workplace. But what exactly does appreciation in the workplace look like? How do you do it right? And how much appreciation is too much appreciation? FREE ACCESS


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