Expert Insights on Managing a Culturally Diverse Team

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Learn from experts on effectively managing a global or culturally diverse team by understanding key cultural differences such as meeting etiquette and conflict.


  • Acquire insights on how to understand cultural differences by recognizing when a country gives mixed signals.
    Acquire insights on how it is important for a leader to take control and speak up during meetings when managing a global team.
    Acquire insights on how cultural diversity in a team can help in innovation and risk assessment.
    Acquire insights on why leaders of culturally diverse teams need to depersonalize debates to managing global teams effectively.
    Acquire insights on how good leaders need to stay informed and be flexible to get desirable results while managing global teams.
    Acquire insights on how global leadership is about being both authentic and flexible.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of changing the conversation from what do Millennials want to how we can work in a different way across generations to get to the best solutions.
    Acquire insights on how building trust in relationships across different cultures is critical for global businesses.
    Acquire insights on why it’s essential to ignore the myths about cultural differences at global workplace for effective management.
    Acquire insights on how people working with global teams need to be thoughtful and self-aware.
    Acquire insights on the importance of adapting your leadership approach to the culture for effectively managing your global team.


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    1.  Cultural Differences: When a Country Gives Mixed Signals
    1m 37s
    Being able to recognize when a country changes position on similar behavioral scales makes it possible to understand subtle cultural differences and get the results you desire. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Cultural Differences: Speaking Up in Meetings
    2m 16s
    When managing a global team, you need to take control rather then let things happen naturally. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  The Advantages of Cultural Diversity
    1m 43s
    Differences in how cultures see things, as alone or interconnected, brings the advantages of diversity to innovation and risk assessment. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Confrontation On Global Teams
    1m 12s
    Different cultures express themselves differently, so leaders of culturally diverse teams need to depersonalize debates. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Cultural Differences: Good Leadership
    1m 46s
    The definition of good leadership varies across cultures. To get results, leaders of global teams need to stay informed and be flexible. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Authentic Flexibility
    2m 8s
    Global leadership is not about being authentic or being flexible; it is about being both. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Millennials: Curiosity, Courage, and Community
    3m 20s
    Changing the topic of what conversation from what we think Millennials want to how we can work across generations is how we get to the best solutions. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  The Basics of Building Trust
    3m 28s
    Building trust in relationships is particularly difficult across cultures, but it is critical for global businesses. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Culture and the Global Workplace
    3m 21s
    Myths about cultural differences can trip you up if you accept them at face value. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Going Global and Crossing Cultures
    3m 18s
    Companies don't go global; people go global. Crossing cultures requires those people to be thoughtful and self-aware. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Global Perspective: Adapt Your Leadership Approach to Culture
    3m 44s
    When Sandro was sent to Poland as a general manager he gave a speech about his vision for the business. Everyone nodded. The next day everyone went on strike because he had told them what to do without asking what they wanted to do. FREE ACCESS


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