Expert Insights on Managing Across Generations

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There are more generations working together than ever before: Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials), and Gen Z. Be the leader who knows how to bring unity to these different experiences, value systems, and priorities for the success of all.


  • Acquire insights on how people from generation x make good leaders because they think about different options and keep their doors open.
    Acquire insights on how to effectively manage people from generation y, who may find the working style bureaucratic and non-communicative.
    Acquire insights on effectively managing people from generation y who learned computer technologies when they were kids.
    Acquire insights on the different characteristics of people who form generation z.
    Acquire insights on how to leverage gen z values, which include transparency, clear purpose, sincerity, authenticity, and the ability to have a voice.
    Acquire insights on the positive attitude of people from gen z who understand that failure is a byproduct.
    Acquire insights on why people from generation z demand transparency in everything they are associated with.
    Acquire insights on what millennials want; work that matters, a meaningful life, and knowing they make a difference in the world.
  • Acquire insights on how millennials want to do a good job by knowing why their job matters to the team and the company.
    Acquire insights on how millennials won’t just do a task without asking questions or understanding its worth.
    Acquire insights on how to lead a multigenerational team by focusing on leadership and management development.
    Acquire insights on intergenerational cohesion to avoid conflicts and promote innovation.
    Acquire insights on how the new and coming generation already knows that we live in a world of finite resources.
    Acquire insights on the importance of making the workforce multigenerational and global to meet the expectations of the new generation.
    Acquire insights on how to manage across generations.


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    1.  Managing Generation X
    3m 20s
    Gen Xers are people in their 30’s and 40’s. They make good leaders because they tend to think about options; they keep doors open. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Advice to Generation Y
    2m 42s
    Gen Y’s won’t like the workplace. They’ll find others bureaucratic and non-communicative. But we need them. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing Generation Y
    2m 36s
    Gen Y’s are people in their 20’s. They learned computer technologies as kids. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Who Is Gen Z?
    2m 32s
    Gen Z includes people born after 1995; and everyone who makes similar choices. Gen X; Y; Z and Millennials represent a renaissance of community; connected by the Internet. Gen Z is becoming a global society where everyone can contribute and extract economic value. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  How to Leverage Gen Z Values
    2m 33s
    To lead Gen Z; managers should create a culture that values them. Gen Z values are transparency; a clear purpose; sincerity and authenticity; and the ability to have a voice. It’s not about work-life balance; it’s about integrating work and life in a way that’s meaningful. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  The Gen Z Attitude toward Failure
    2m 25s
    Previously if you wanted to start a business you needed a lot of resources. Now you can build a business overnight; at very little cost; and keep experimenting until you win. Gen Z understands that failure is a byproduct. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Gen Z Demands Transparent Purpose
    1m 59s
    Gen Z wants to understand why you are doing what you’re doing. Whether you’re selling a cup of coffee or an automobile; they want to know how you’re supporting social institutions they think add value to the world. If you’re not completely transparent; they will walk. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  What Millennials Want
    1m 11s
    Millennials want what the rest of us want: work that matters; a meaningful life; and knowing they make a difference in the world. They tell you that on day one. They don’t expect to wait. They want to start now. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Millennials Want to Know Why
    2m 31s
    Millennials want to do good work; but they need to know why. Otherwise they shut down. Explain why their job matters to the team and the company; and why others can’t do their job if Millennials don’t do theirs. Don’t just give them a task. Explain why the task matters. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  'Because I Said So' No Longer Works
    2m 42s
    Boomers and Gen Xers did what they were told; no questions. As managers; they don’t understand why Millennials won’t do the same. Millennials want to understand how their work relates to the work of others. Explaining how improves performance and saves time. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Leading a Multigenerational Team
    1m 10s
    If you are leading a multigenerational team; don’t think about the multigenerational aspects. If company values; goals; and strategies are clear you don’t need to accommodate different generations. Focus on leadership development and management development. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Intergenerational Cohesion
    1m 57s
    Companies may have employees from five generations; each with a different work style. The friction can be a source of innovation and conflict. Some companies write vignettes of each generation; so other generations can understand. Others use reverse mentoring. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  The New and Coming Re-Generation
    3m 3s
    Teenagers grew up in the recession. They know that we live in a world of finite water; energy; and money. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  How Diversity Drives a Workforce of One
    2m 23s
    The new generation grew up on computers and technology; they already customize everything; and bring those expectations into the workforce. The workforce is also multigenerational and global. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  How to Manage Across Generations
    1m 30s
    Most people in the workplace today are probably managing across generations rather than just Generation Y staff or baby boomers. Learn three strategies for managing across generations. FREE ACCESS


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