Expert Insights on Managing Change

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Change is inevitable, but leaders often face resistance when trying to implement it. A clear vision, a real need for something different, and a sense of purpose go a long way toward advancing change at the office.


  • Acquire insights on how leaders can get the space to experiment with change effectively while the plane is in flight.
    Acquire insights on how the five ways of thinking about change can determine success.
    Acquire insights on change management by connecting the vision to the action people take to get there.
    Acquire insights on the importance of explaining the purpose of change in order to drive it in organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of involving others to manage change effectively.
    Acquire insights on how to deal with cynics for effective change management.
    Acquire insights on how to negotiate change effectively to bring about a successful result.
    Acquire insights on how to work when people resist and complain by understanding the reason behind the resistance.
    Acquire insights on developing a blue ocean strategy by considering the factors that attract customers and lower the costs.
    Acquire insights on how to get people on board with change by putting together arguments that show how the change will be beneficial to them.
  • Acquire insights on intervening with people at four levels in order to create personal change.
    Acquire insights on the different factors that help organizations transform themselves.
    Acquire insights on why people procrastinate on things they care about most.
    Acquire insights on ways to work on changing a bad habit.
    Acquire insights on why it is essential to focus on changes in small increments rather than forcing a big change quickly.
    Acquire insights on how to embed change by providing visible and committed leadership, a clear sense of direction, and needed resources.
    Acquire insights on building momentum for change by focusing on those who are already excited by your idea.
    Acquire insights on understanding the keystone change and that real change takes root when it works towards a future goal.
    Acquire insights on harnessing your supporters to overcome change problems.
    Acquire insights on planning for backlash as part of your survival strategy.


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    1.  Changing While the Plane Is In Flight
    3m 13s
    How do leaders get the space to experiment with change while they keep the plane flying? That’s about recognizing things the leader does that have the most effect — the pieces that should stay on the plate; versus the pieces that can be removed or delegated. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Managing Change
    3m 55s
    Five ways of thinking about change determine success. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Connect Vision to Action
    5m 13s
    Only about 30 percent of change efforts succeed. To beat those odds; increase productivity five-fold by ensuring that employees are at their peak. This occurs when the basics of project management are present; execution is high; and people have a sense of meaning. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing Change: Give People the Why
    1m 6s
    To drive change; you need to explain the why. Without the purpose; you are never going to get there. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Involve Others to Create Change
    4m 10s
    Wherever there is change; there will be resistance to that change. Involvement makes change possible. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Change Management: Deal with Cynics
    2m 10s
    Cynics can slow down or stop change initiatives. To deal with cynics start a new conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Negotiating Change
    4m 26s
    Negotiating change is never easy. It’s stressful for managers who are in charge of the change and for employees who are feeling the brunt of that change; but there are ways to go about that change; says John Smith; that can bring about a successful result. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Working with Resistance
    2m 15s
    When people resist they complain. Listen to their complaints for the loss behind the anger and their fears of the future. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Tips on Developing a Blue Ocean Strategy
    3m 43s
    What factors should be eliminated or created to attract those customers and lower costs? FREE ACCESS
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    10.  From Confrontation to Influence: Selling Up
    3m 20s
    When a team wants to introduce a change; they put together arguments that show how the change benefits the manager. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Leveraging for Personal Change
    3m 9s
    We can intervene with people at four levels: 1) teaching; 2) helping them imagine situations they may be in; 3) improving their attitudes by showing personal benefits; and 4) helping them change their beliefs. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Organizational Transformation
    4m 32s
    Organizations that transform themselves 1) know their priorities through external and internal insight; 2) conduct experiments; such as the value of telecommuting; 3) figure out how to scale results quickly across the entire organization; then repeat the cycle. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Why We Procrastinate on Things We Care about Most
    1m 55s
    The things we care most about are often multi-step and challenging. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  How to Change a Bad Habit
    2m 39s
    If you rely on discipline and self control to change a habit you will fail. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Change Is Hard
    1m 50s
    Suggest that people make changes in small increments. Forcing a big change too soon ignites the amygdala and an emotional response associated with fear. It also releases Cortisol; which shuts down learning. Better to recognize and acknowledge your fears. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  How to Embed Change
    2m 20s
    To avoid “initiativitis;” a.k.a. churn; provide visible and committed leadership; a clear sense of direction; and needed resources. Most important; someone must measure outcomes and create an infrastructure that ensures that the change endures. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Embracing Change: Building Momentum for Change
    2m 35s
    It’s not easy to convince everybody to follow you. Sometimes, the better strategy is to focus on those who are already excited by your idea. Find out how you can do this. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  The Keystone Change: Building on a Tangible Goal
    2m 34s
    Change usually starts when people are unhappy about something in the present. However, real change takes root when it works towards a future goal. Find out how you can implement that keystone change. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Harnessing Your Supporters to Overcome Change Problems
    2m 59s
    Although a diverse range of opinions can help foster innovative ideas, it can also become a stumbling block along the road to making a decision. Find out how your allies and supporters can help you. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Surviving Victory: Planning for the Backlash
    2m 26s
    What follows success? In many cases, it’s failure. Counter-revolution follows revolution. After successfully implementing change, how can you protect your victory? FREE ACCESS


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