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Do you sometimes wonder how to motivate your employees? Why do some methods work with some people but not with others? Developing people means learning their strengths, matching them to their tasks, and giving the right kinds of feedback.


  • Acquire insights on how to develop people while delivering results.
    Acquire insights on how to leverage an employee’s strengths by matching his/her strengths with the organization’s needs.
    Acquire insights on how to motivate high performers by giving them more non-monetary rewards, especially feedback.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can improve the quality of people’s thinking by asking questions and helping them come to their own conclusion.
  • Acquire insights on how it is important to be interested in people and their development to be an effective leader.
    Acquire insights on how to unlock a team member’s potential by asking the right questions.
    Acquire insights on understanding that everyone matters, and everything can be better.


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    1.  Delivering Results While Developing People
    2m 50s
    Meetings provide a forum not only for sharing information but also for developing talent. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Leveraging Subordinates' Strengths
    2m 49s
    Look first for the employee’s strengths. Then match what she does really well with what the organization needs. Leverage her strengths to the point where her weaknesses are irrelevant. Similarly; managers should work to make their own B+ strengths into A’s. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  High Performers Need More Feedback
    2m 10s
    High performers are paid more than low performers. They should also receive more non-monetary rewards; especially feedback; because they are motivated more by challenges; by a purpose; and by working with A-players than by money. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  How Leaders Can Improve the Quality of People's Thinking
    2m 54s
    Leaders usually try to help people’s thinking by suggesting what to do. Ask questions instead. Have a conversation. “What are you trying to achieve?” Help them come to their own insights. This is motivating; changes the brain; and helps them develop general rules. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Relationship Building Begins with Interest
    3m 12s
    If you’re not interested in people and their development you probably won’t be an effective leader. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Unlocking a Team Member's Potential
    3m 22s
    If you want to unlock all of an employee's potential; you have to ask the right questions. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Everyone Matters, and Everything Can Be Better
    3m 39s
    Regardless of the industry you operate in, there are lessons to be learned from the guiding principles of Paul O’Neill, former CEO of aluminum maker Alcoa. The first was that everyone matters, and the second is that everything can be better. Discover how to implement these strategies in your organization. FREE ACCESS


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